October 19th, 2007

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Vampires and anatomy

I'm stuck with a key detail in a vampire story. Maybe someone can help me here?

Setting: In a world a lot like ours, with a new-dark-ages-coming-up tech level and the magic level of a low-key urban fantasy.

Situation: Someone knowledgeable in anatomy is instructing a newbie vampire about the best place to drink blood from a human if said human a) should be damaged as little as possible, and b) is aware and consenting.

Question: What does she tell the vampire? She will probably use some technical terms to name parts of the body, and mention the complications of "getting it wrong".

Other concerns: For dramatic reasons I would prefer if the vampire drank from the neck, if that is possible.
There is no immediate healing available (no "licking the wound to close it"). Infection is not a problem.

Looked up: Several sites on medicine and first aid regarding neck wounds and blood loss, wiki'd anatomy of the neck.

ETA: Thank you all! I have a much better idea how to go on now.
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Anonymity in psychiatric case studies

Okay, this one is a very little detail, and I'm not sure how to begin searching for the answer. When case studies and papers are submitted to journals of psychiatry, in order to preserve their anonymity, the patients are called "Mr. A" or "Ms. C", something like that, right?

What if, though, the patient in question wasn't a Mr.? I.e., his actual title was "Dr.", "Rev.", etc? Would the paper refer to them as "Mr." anyway? Or could I perhaps go with "Patient X" rather than "Mr."? (The context is in a present-day British or American journal, if that matters.)