October 14th, 2007


punctured lung healing time


I have a 25yr old male with a punctured lung in a present day American city. He was stabbed with a clean knife and 911 was called immediately. He was stabbed with a 4-inch kitchen knife.

If there are no infections or other complications, how quickly can he heal and still be believable? Is a chest tube likely to be needed?

I checked google and wiki, but there are no time frames mentioned.
Thank you!
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Injuries That Will Put Someone In A Wheelchair

I really hope someone can help me with this.

I have this character that I need to put into a wheelchair - if not permanently, then for three or four years at least. So far so good. My problem is that if at all possible, I'd like to avoid paraplegia. And if at all possible, the problem should be the legs only; the abdomen should be more or less fine.

I was thinking about severely broken bones (as in, bones shattered to tiny pieces) but I read that an injury like that would probably cause infection, and that bones usually heal sooner or later. Smashed kneecaps also crossed my mind, but I read in the comments of an old post about kneecaps injuries that it would only put you in a wheelchair for a couple of months. So I'm seriously at a loss here.

Basically: is there any injury that could theoretically (and don't worry about how the injury would happen, my other character has the means :-) ) cause the loss of someone's use of legs for at least three years?

Setting is today's America. The character is in his mid-twenties and would be offered therapy, but he might refuse taking it.

I googled "broken bones", "broken bones healing", "comminuted fracture", "smashed kneecaps" and variations thereof.

I hope you can help - thank you in advance!

ETA: I would like him to keep his legs and yes, if at all possble it should be an injury, not illness (Sorry, first post here :-) )

ETA 2: Thank you all for your comments and suggestions - you just saved the plot of my story. A huge heartfelt THANK YOU! :-)

Global Demographics 1940

Does anybody know where I can find information on world population distribution and density of around 1940? A map of the world distribution at that time would be perfect, but I can't find anything close to that. I can find information on the world population and more details on it, but only after the baby boom. Any information on the population distribution is appreciated, whether its predicted or impacted by the war or not, I dont mind.

I've tried google searches such as "world population distribution 1940" and I've searched the US census bureau website, but I can't find anything before 1950 besides the world population as one figure.

Thanks very much.