October 13th, 2007

The (American) Prom: What actually happens?

(Search terms: prom, prom culture, prom format, prom events, etc, none of which were at all helpful. Plus I looked at the Wikipedia page, but it was only broadly informative.)

Okay, so. I'm working on story wherein my main character has dropped out of school, but is going back for her prom night - she hasn't officially dropped out, but her parents died and she hasn't been back since. It wasn't that long ago, so given her bereavement the school probably just thinks she's off in mourning, and she hasn't told them she's not coming back.

The trouble is, I'm Australian, and our school dances are - I believe - not much like US proms. So I've got no idea what would actually happen on the night. I know one's date typically picks one up in a limo, often shared with 1-3 other friendly couples, and I know there's dancing when you get there, and I know - vaguely - about the Prom King/Queen stuff (although I've heard about a Prom Court, and what's _that_? Runners-up?) but I have no idea about the general structure of the event.

Questions and background details behind the cut - help appreciated!Collapse )
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Disease transmission

Setting: Steampunk; some of the technology is more advanced, but for the most part it's equivalent to somewhere around the late 19th century.
Wikipedia was no help; I tried looking up "blood-borne disease", STDs and so forth, but got nothing useful. Google was similar.

Basically, I want lycanthropy to be transmitted via blood and saliva; I was going for a semi-scientific explanation of how it can be spread via bite. However, I don't want it to be transmissible through all bodily fluids; even if I didn't mind turning it into a STD, I'm already planning for it to be possible for werewolves to reproduce with humans, and that obviously wouldn't happen if sexin' the werewolves turned humans into more werewolves. Is it medically possible for that to happen?

Trauma and mental health care for US Army

First post -- hope I'm doing it right.

These are more requests for opinions than factual questions, so I haven’t really Googled anything, but if someone has ideas about good things to Google to get this information, that’d be great too. This might seem like pretty stupid questions, but I have no military experience at all (obviously), so I’d love whatever you can tell me.

I have a female character who joined the US Army (modern day) after graduating from high school. I have no idea what her job or rank should be, but I want her to be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan sometime in the past few years, have some ugly/traumatic experiences (preferably related to combat and not sexual assualt), and receive no or inadequate mental health care. (Feeling betrayed and neglected, she eventually turns her back on the Army and the U.S. government and joins a militant group opposed to them.)

What could she do in the Army, assuming that she has no special skills before enlistment? What kinds of situations could she be exposed to? How can I wrangle lousy care afterwards? And, bonus question: are there any skills she’d obtain as part of her time in the Army that would be useful to a violent underground group?

Scabs :)

Hi there,

To give you a bit of background- I have a character who has just been flogged, not particularly heavily (ten lashes), but enough to leave some pretty serious marks behind- especially as the char weilding the whip is intent on doing as much damage as he can. He's living in a Victorian-ish era, and has started healing without ay significant infection (so no delays in that regard). What I'm trying to figure out is something of a time line in regards to his healing.

Contextually, it's important for two main reasons: the first is a scene in which he has a (fairly physical) fight with his father (about a week/week and a half after the flogging). I assume he would still have the scabs, and that these would, in the course of the fight, open a little. The other scene is the sticker- he is sitting with another character, who is touching the marks- I'm intending it to be about three/four weeks after the initial flogging, maybe even earlier, and am trying to figure out what they would feel like under a persons hand. Would they still be rough (scabbed)? Or by that point would they be at more of the middle ground- not quite healed to scars, but the softer, moister pre-scar tissue (as I understand it to be)? Fortunately or unfortunately, I've never had anything to compare it to, and I also tend to heal quicker than a lot of people, so I haven't got much to go on!

Search wise, I've tried google and Wiki, using variations of the following: flogging, flagellation, scar tissue, wound repair, healing time flogging, how long for scab to fall off, whipping scars etc- all of which got me pretty close, but quite there yet (though my knowledge of BDSM has sucessfully expanded).

Anyone have any ideas? Or a wounded person next to them they could touch for me. Otherwise I think I might have to get out the whip and test it on my husband ;)
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