October 12th, 2007

Rose Watch

Human Trafficking in England in the 1970s

Google Searches: human trafficking, human trafficking 1970s, human trafficking 1973, human trafficking 1970-1980, human trafficking england, human trafficking uk, human rights violations trafficking, human rights uk, human rights 1970s, and probably a lot more.

Okay, short and sweet: story's set in Manchester in 1973. Most of the searches I hit on said yes, human trafficking occurred there then. Need to know 1.) where the people being smuggled in came from and 2.) what they were smuggled in for (sex slavery, slavery of the sweatshop or private variety, baby brokers, whatever). This is driving me absolutely nuts. If anyone can give me an answer, I will be eternally grateful.
Kev Noir

Brakelights in the 1930s

I am going to write a short story for a writer's course, and I keep getting an idea in my head of a deadly roadside shoot-out between FBI agents and a psychopathic bank robber and cop killer (perhaps a thinly-veiled caricature of Baby-Face Nelson), set in middle America in about 1934. In this instance a crucial piece of action I am thinking of is where the FBI car suddenly stops and does a U-turn, and I thought for effect I'd write: "Suddenly, 100 yards up the road the black Buick paused and the brake lights flashed. The motor then roared as the car turned 180 degrees and charged towards them." Or something like that.

I tried googling brakelights on cars in the 1930s, I searched automotive history websites but didn't have much luck. Did cars come with brake lights in the 1930s, and if so, which ones? Ford? Chevy? Any others?
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identifying and treating a debilitaing poison

Time: ridiculously far into the future
Place: another planet
People: Humans and one lone Time Lord.
Search Terms: debilitating poison, chronic poison, invalid poison (which got me lots of stories about suicides) debilitating drugs (hits on drug addictions and side effects),

I know I can make this up out of whole cloth and wrap it up with a bit of technical babble, but I would like to know what is possible in the here and now before I do.

I need a poison or drug that will make the victim seem an invalid. But not a disease or disorder. The villain is doing this to her and he needs her to be sick, not well and definitely not dead. So if you were trying to keep somebody sick in the present day in the first world, what would you use?

Then the Doctor and Martha need to cure her, but that's another question.

Mysterious causes of death

I'm trying to think of a few different ways a young adult could die where it would be impossible to tell what the cause of death was just by examining the body (ie., the body looks "normal"). I've come up with a heart defect and carbon monoxide poisoning. Any other suggestions? I Googled "causes of death" and "no sign of trauma", but not much luck.

Yes, this is how I'm spending my Friday night. Sigh.
Yanagi, Litgal

Arabic translation

I have tried Googling Arabic translation, Arabic for, and as many permutations of these as I could think of.

Please help.

I just need a translation of the words free port into Arabic. All the translation sites I can find translate it into 'squiggles' .

I am using it as the name of a space colony five hundred years in the future. Thank you in advance.