October 10th, 2007

Chicago New Years celebrations and running away.

I'm looking for two answers for the story I'm planning for NaNo (I've suddenly become all inspired, I don't want to lose momentum so early on).

First off, what kind of celebrations would Chicago have had for New Years in 1959, going into 1960? I found this, but I'm not sure whether they had this kind display in the 50s, or if maybe there was something special to see the new decade in?

Secondly, if a young American couple in 1959 who were frustrated by the lack of women's/civil rights were going to run away, which country would have seen like a good option at the time? I really didn't know what to search, since it's so subjective.


Driving in the United States, modern day setting

I tried GoogleMaps, but I've never driven a car or been to this part of the world, so I hope this question's all right. I'm looking for approximate guesses, not exact maps or anything like that.

Two characters (one can drive, one can't) are going on a road trip. The constraints are: they're starting in Conestoga Hills in Pennsylvania, they're driving approximately four hundred and thirty miles (about seven hundred kilometres), and the place they're going is near where an expensive boarding school could reasonably be located. For the moment I've guessed they're going to east Massachusetts.

My question is: how long would it take them to get there? About a day, I'm guessing (eight or nine hours); is this approximately right? Thanks a lot for your help.

Rehabilitation time for patient with muscular atrophy

I'm writing a story with a character who has suffered a spinal injury in the past, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Through methods other than modern science, he has had his spinal column repaired, allowing him to regain feeling and motion in his legs. But because this injury occurred somewhere in the vicinity of four to five years prior, his muscles have atrophied. The question is, how quickly could he reasonably regain the ability to walk, unaided, or at very least, with a cane?

The character is in his mid-thirties, and otherwise in good shape. He has exercised as much as his condition would allow prior to his repair, and has a strong drive to do whatever it takes to restore his mobility. This story is not set in this world, and so modern medical procedures and equipment are not available to him. There are however, other technologies that could assist, if needed, but I'm hoping that exercise (resistance training and stretching exercises, for instance) would be sufficient.

I have googled recovery/rehabilitation for muscular atrophy, and rehabilitation for leg injuries, but have not had luck finding the information I need. If anyone could help out, I'd appreciate it very much! Thanks!

aphasia without medical treatment

I would like to induce Broca's aphasia in a character. I checked the tags here and have Googled all kinds of things (brain damage, Broca's aphasia, etc.) and am fairly well set on what happens in this day and age.

However, my character will not be able to receive medical treatment (the setting will be early agricultural-level society), and, as I want him to live, I would like to know:

a) how *little* damage would be necessary to cause aphasia, and
b) what the progress of and healing of an *untreated* head injury would be (an approximate timetable would be lovely, if possible, from injury to return to daily life).

I thank you very much! (my character, on the other hand, is calling his travel agent while he still can)

Spanish Snacks

So I've spent about half of my day today wandering through the internet in search of an answer for this question and have succeeded only in confusing myself further. I need suggestions of traditional Spanish foods that would be served as snack items, or, that a child might pilfer from the kitchen if he got a little hungry. By traditional, I mean something that would have been served in the eighteenth century, since that is the time period in which my novel is set. I don't care if the dish is sweet or savory, just so long as it's something that can preferably be eaten with one's hands, or, at the very least, with little fuss or mess.

My searches have turned up quite a bit on modern day tapas but I don't know how traditional those foods are and/or how much foreign cuisine has influenced them. If a specific location is needed, the characters in question live in Madrid.

Thank you in advance - any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Japanese name for female twin

Hello, everyone.
It's my first post here and I hope someone can help me out.

I am writing a story set in Japan with two female twin . Their parent are both from old and prestigious family, related with the Emperor. One of the family is old fashion while the other is more modern. The girls are cute and loved by their parent.

I need help to find the twin a believable Japanese name. The trick part is that I want them to incorporate a pun think by their father who is an assassin and like to be sarcastic.

For clarify, one of the girls name I think of is "Shirayuki" because it can be abbreviate in "Shi-chan" which can mean "Little Death".
Now I need help for the other twin. I will appreciated it if you suggest the kanji in which write the name as well.

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