October 8th, 2007

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Irish Dialogue

Genre: Fantasy
Setting: A fictional town on the northern coast of California
Era: Approximately 2001

I have a character who is an Irish folk musician and I'm having trouble handling his dialogue. He takes pride in his accent and plays up the over-the-top stereotype because he believes it appeals to American women. What I started out doing was spelling out his dialogue phonetically, but that got annoying even to me. Next I tried to incorporate colloquialisms, but I've found my knowledge of the vernacular lacking and it's sometimes regressed into a sort of cockney. Would anyone here be able to point me in the direction of a novel or some other work where English spoken with a somewhat exaggerated Irish influence has been handled well? I'm not even sure which county he should be from.

I've Googled "Irish dialogue", "accurate Irish accent", and similar keywords. I've also read books of old Irish legends, folktales, and ballads, but they weren't much help because they've all been retold in either very old-fashioned language (sometimes even in Irish!) or standard academic English. Thanks for your help!
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Transport Restraints: Present Day New Jersey.

Me again. Almost finished my Batman fanfiction. The setup is Gotham City, and I'm going by the DC Atlas that puts Gotham in New Jersey. (As this is, at the end of the day, a fictional city, I'm willing to be flexible.)

Situation is as follows: Batman was unmasked, and involuntarily committed to Arkham. For story purposes, I came up with a setup where he was unwilling to escape initially. He's decided it's in his best interests to go through normal channels: i.e. pass a competency hearing. So, knowing that he's Batman:

1) What sort of restraints would be used to transport him to court? If it's important, during his incarceration, he has not been violent. There was some passive resistence, but at no time did he assault a guard or other prisoner. There was one escape eight months prior to the hearing that ended when he returned of his own free will.

2) I've seen enough prison dramas to know that IF Hollywood got it right, then in jail, restraints are removed once the prisoner is in his cell, and replaced if he has to leave it for tranportation. Would this be true while he's at the courthouse awaiting the hearing? Or would they keep him under restraint even in the cell?

Research tried: Sites like this: http://www.pxdirect.com/Restraints-Transport.htm and http://www.anchortex.com/cgi-bin/shopper.cgi?search=action&keywords=kw030&template=Templates/Page/CORtransportrestraints.html, which are great at showing me what sort of restraints are available, but there are several different options. The prisoner is coming from an psychiatric institution rather than a prison. I'm not sure whether this would have any bearing. (If it makes a difference, a couple chapters back, I burned Arkham down and Bruce has been remanded to a hospital psych ward for the weeks immediately prior to the hearing.) I've also gone here: http://www.state.nj.us/corrections/ but a cursory search didn't turn up what I was looking for.

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Food Plants in Sandy Soil

I'm writing about a mostly nomadic society. There's some farming, but not enough that there would be excess to export to other areas, and I'm focusing on an area very near the ocean. Very sandy soil. I want to touch on a meal the characters are having, which would be hunted meat + local grown plant products.

What kind of food plants could grow in sandy soil? The area has a moderate amount of rainfall, probably on par with the coast of the Carolinas in the US, temperature also on par with that area. I believe coconut and date palms are a possibility. What about bananas--would that sort of climate be warm enough? Are there any vegetables/non-fruits that would work well?

Google offered me all kinds of plants that grow in such conditions, but none that I could identify as edible, not being a botanist or even a hobby gardener. Thanks!