October 1st, 2007

  • eelpot

Band being interviewed on television

I have a rock band that's being interviewed on the country's main TV channel before an important concert. They are experienced, but brings along a girl they know as company. She won't be in front of the cameras, but will be close to the band before and after the interview.

What will she see? I know people being on the TV puts on make up, but how soon before the interview will this be (hours or minutes)? How long will it take? What usually happens behind the scenes? Is she bound to be in someone's way and be kicked out, or is it ok to bring "groupies"?

The band is famous enough to get away with most things, it's present time and in the western world. Location is not too important as I'm writing scifi.

The show is TRL-like.

Searched: "behind the scenes interview" "being interviewed on television" "band interviews" and such brings nothing useful.
Benson Blues

Morgue Question

I have a character who woke up naked on a steel table in a morgue (long story). Considering that the morgue has been temporarily abandoned, I was curious as to where they would store the clothes they had stripped from her before placing her on the table. She was a suicide, so I'm not sure if it would be considered 'evidence' and left at a police station or what.

Would they have just tossed the clothes or kept it in a bag somewhere or what?

I've looked up 'morgue' on Wikipedia, as well as 'crime evidence', 'crime evidence holding', 'evidence in morgue' (evidence + morgue too) and 'evidence in suicide' on Google.