September 28th, 2007

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Suicide and Mental Issues

I don't even know where to begin looking for information. The rough draft begins with a man standing at the edge of a balcony, ready to jump. From there, it details his wife's saintly perfection, their life with a bunch of perfect foster kids, and a snippet or two of his evil mother-in-law. It's implied that his wife died, and he decides to commit suicide because he can't live without her. Then he remembers how she asked him to live for her and has a hallucination where she comes back to chastise him for breaking his promise. He decides to get off the balcony, but slips and falls anyway.

Now, I wrote this totally on a whim, but I kind of like it and want to flesh it out some. A friend of mine said he seems very shallow and fixated on his wife, that the characters from his point of view are caricatures of real people that you might see on a black and white sitcom. I got the idea that maybe Mary wasn't even really dead; that something else happened that broke his fantasy world dellusion, and that's why he tried to jump.

So here's my question. What kind of mental problem (or problems) would cause someone to idealize another person to that extreme? Because I have never heard of anything like it.

ETA: Thanks for the opinions, everyone. I feel a little better about not having done this research in the first place now.
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LA Fashion

Ok, I admit that I have no clue how to even go about looking this one up w/o getting thousands of hits that just confuse things. I need the name of an up-and-coming LA fashion designer. I'm thinking someone along the lines of Vera Wang or maybe Versace, someone whose designs would be instantly known if seen by another Angeleno. The outfit is casual, nothing elaborate like an evening gown but more of a business chic outfit. (I hope that made some kind of sense.) Any ideas/suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Egypt 55BC- Mourning and Dealing with Death

Setting: Egypt 55BC

The Questions:
1.) How would a relatively prosperous family in Lower Egypt mourn the loss of their father if they had no body to bury?
2.) Is there a specific length of time the family would be considered to be "in mourning"?
3.) Just as Americans wear black to signify grief, is there a corresponding color for ancient Egyptians who are in mourning?

Remember I am want references for Egyptian practises in the general time period of 55BC, please.

Search terms used: googled "egyptian mourning" with "rites", "color", and "period" tagged on. Also "Egyptian funeral". Lots of Bible ref. which are not useful for this story. Nothing useful that I could find on Wiki either.

Thank you in advance for any and all help you can give me. :D