September 26th, 2007

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Car Crash (aftermath)

Setting: present day, England
searches: I've tried various combinations of car crash procedures, emergency contacts, ICE contacts, without any results.

I have a college age girl who was in a car crash, and killed, while the other boy in the car was severely injured. The crash was because of ice on the road, rather than another car.

I'd like for my main character, their guardian, to be contacted. I was thinking of a system similar to ICE (In Case of Emergency, where certain numbers in the address book are designated to be called in an emergency)
I was wondering how exactly this would work; would they wait until the hospital, or could they call in the ambulance?
Does anybody have any idea of what is said? (just the general idea of what is told is fine)

ETA: Figured out, thanks everybody :D

Player Trades in Sports and Ownership of Teams

Hey there everyone:

I am working on a Harry Potter-based mystery, in which sports teams and their behind-the-scenes administration is key. The problem? I know nothing about sports.

The story is set approximately 2023, but I would like it to be as close to modern rules as possible for sports (with some leeway), and it takes place in the UK.

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I've been basing the business end of Quidditch mostly off of American hockey, but I'll accept any sports information (especially since I hear that Quidditch has a close relationship to Cricket). I had a source that I typically asked these things of, but she hasn't been online lately -- and when she was, she gave me answers that contradicted what my mother-in-law said. ^^;;

Past that, I searched under variations of "sports" "trade" "player" "rules" "ownership" "commission," but just got a bunch of information on fantasy sports, and on who exactly was traded on/owned various sports teams, instead of how.

Thanks in advance, you guys.