September 24th, 2007

Tuberculosis and similar

I'm currently writing a short story in which a character dies from untreated tuberculosis. The character is large and quite strong but nowhere near peak physical condition, and is probably also suffering mild malnutrition. After the characteristic blood-streaked phlegm appears, how long before the character becomes too sick to engage in major physical activity, and how long before he dies?

I've googled 'tuberculosis symptom progression', 'viral symptom progression' (and I did find some things there but apparently TB doesn't fit the same patterns) and various combinations of 'tuberculosis' 'symptoms' 'time frame' etc.

Also, can anyone think of any diseases which are known for not being noticed until it's too late to treat? Or that are notoriously hard to treat? I'm mostly focusing on the lungs, but everything helps.

Edit: The character does not have access to modern medicine or anyone with more than basic first-aid knowledge. :3

Daily Routine at Irish Pubs

I'm trying to find out what the daily routine is at a pub, especially in the morning.

It is set as a fairly modern day Irish pub. I need to know what would be done in order to set a pub up and get it ready for the day. Also if anyone knows the names of various things and parts of the pub, things that are differnt than an american bar.

Thank you.

I've searched Pub+set up, Irish Pub+set up, Daily Routine+Pub Daily routine+Irish pub, Daily chores+Pub
rain, paper boats

Other meaning for the name Hisoka

This is kind of strange question, brought on by a sudden plot bunny.

Given the peculiarities of the Japanese characters, could it be possible for the name Hisoka to have other meanings? In particular, I'm looking for a way that the name would be written something related to 'light' or 'sun'. How would that be 'written' in kanji (or what Japanese character should be used?).

Doing a google search, I've found know that Hisoka means 'reserved'. I also know Hisoka in Yami no Matsuei has the single kanji for 'secret' in his name, and that Hisoka's name in HunterxHunter is spelled out in Katakana. Somehow, this has me thinking of Hikaru (light; shinning) and of Hiko (sun child).

Thanks in advance.

Translation of Latin phrases

As I have absolutely no knowledge of Latin whatsoever, I thought I would ask about this here.

There are a few Latin phrases in a video game that have been bugging me for a while. I was wondering if anyone knew (however roughly) what they might mean, as I would like to use them in a fanfic:

- Ita vero. Lux Veritatis. Luceat eais in materia virentis Ex hostium vi mea vis maior.

- Vires! Vires incrementum! Maxima vires! Levitatis! Occularis! Lamina!

- Volare incipit ab initio ad scopus. Maxima vires ad incrementum.

(The phrase 'Lux Veritatis' is the name of an organisation and as such does not need to be translated :))

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Edit: I found another line of Latin. And oops. I guess context would help a lot :) These phrases are from in-game dialogue, spoken by the character as he is fighting his way through a horde of zombies :p The character in question has psychic abilities, and he wields a glaive as a weapon.

(These phrases are taken verbatim from the game's read me files, so if they contain errors they are the game maker's errors :))

The Name of a Movie from the Eighties

I might be going insane, but I have a joke in my story that hinges on this movie existing and it is entirely possible I imagined it.

Was there an eighties movie that had the basic plot of a cool kid being bet by his friends to hang out with an uncool kid? And, if (plz be when) you tell me, will I feel like a moron for forgetting it?

I have tried a variety of keywords on google and looked through John Hughes wikipedia page and I really don't have any other research ideas.

Thank you all so much in advance!