September 23rd, 2007

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Caveman life

I'm writing a comic book about cavemen. It's set in the Red River Gorge of Kentucky seven thousand years ago, at the dawn of agriculture.

I'm trying to find out what sort of food and domestic animals they would have then.

I know they would have cotton, but would they be able to weave? How did primitive people work cotton?

What would they use for dyes? I know they would have vermillion but not dyer's woad or indigo (I think). It's a color comic so it's important.

What animals would they have, especially domestically? Were there pigs in North America? Wikipedia seems to indicate no goats or sheep. Chickens?

I've checked the heck out of the internet, google and wikipedia especially, and I've also read a few books, especially Primitive Man and His Antecedents, by Kal Bjirket-Smith.