September 21st, 2007

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Professor living arrangements

I have attempted to google things like "university staff accommodation maine/*names of universities in maine* "Professor living arrangements" etc. but I seem to not to find anything helpful (or if I do, i am not seeing it...)

Modern day, Maine/New England, could be a few years in the future from now but no0t earlier.

I have a character who is a professor of computer sicence in a small Maine university, one of those small but relly damn good and pretentious ones. Hwe has been there for ten years, seven of those lived with his wife who is also favculty, and after the divorce 3 years ago moved out of the house they shared - to where? Where would a single male professor in his early forties, originally from the UK, likely to live in such as etting? Money is not an issue for him, convinience to the Uni and therefore to the work in which he likes to drown himself is. What kind of a living situation would be likely/plausible for him? Any suggestions on how to research this would be appreciated. Suggestions generally appliable to New England and small private universities would also be great - because I am not dead set on Maine yet.

Abdominal Wounds

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So, the questions:

1. Is she probably going to die? If there's any way, I'd like to avoid this outcome. The time is present day, in America, and there is someone with her who would have a cellphone and an above-average knowledge of what to do in emergency situations. What should he do, besides the obvious calling of the ambulance? (The ambulance can be there as fast as it needs to be for her to survive...suspension of disbelief for something like that is not going to be an issue in this story)

2. What would the recovery time for a wound like this be? Like I said above, it was not exactly a sanitary weapon. What kinds of infection would be likely to occur, if she was taken immediately to a hospital? Any lasting effects to her body, besides a scar? What limitations are doctors likely to place on her as she's recovering? How early would she be allowed to leave the hospital? Would she have to meet with a doctor periodically to check on it?

Thank you so much in advance, you guys have never failed me before! 

Details on corpse condition

I am writing a short story which involves an older brother (~12-13) finding his younger brother (6-8) frozen to death after being lost in a blizzard. I have tried Google, but to no avail. You are my only hope.

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Tried "frozen body", "frozen corpse", "froze to death" and permutations thereof. Sorry, this is my first corpse and I want to get it right.
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Piano term

I spent far too much time today trying to Google this answer.

Is there a term for quickly running your finger/thumb over the keys of a piano from left to right, a la Jerry Lee Lewis? Thanks if you know it, because it's driving me crazy!