September 20th, 2007


Lacerated Liver - Recovery Time


I've googled 'Lacerated Liver' and searched on eMedicine.

This is set in America, present day. My character is a fifty-ish male who has been shot, and his major problem is a lacerated liver. He needs to live, but preferrably for it to seem quite serious in the beginning.

I have two questions.

1. What would his treatment consist of? He's pretty lucky since he's practically on the grounds of a hospital when it happens.

2. What would his recovery involve? How long would he be off his feet? One of the sites mentioned anything up to six months.

Thank you.
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Starbucks coffee cup font

This really is a little little detail, but I've no idea how to even start searching for this. You know those quotes you get on Starbucks coffee cups in North America? Each one is numbered and entitled "The Way I See It." Does anyone know what font they're in, or how I can find out?