September 19th, 2007


19th century carnival/medicine show wagons

Hi all! Last time I posted here I was asking for sources about 19th century traveling carnivals/medicine shows/similar traveling entertainment. I got a lot of super-helpful responses, and though I got pretty busy there and didn't have time to reply to everyone, it was very appreciated!

Right now I have a couple of rather specific question about the same subject - what was it like inside one of those carnival or medicine wagons? For instance, just how cramped was it inside, and what all was likely to be kept in there?

I have looked and looked for anything to give me an idea on this, but I've found next to nothing. Everything seems to detail what shows were like, rather than what daily life was like for the people in the shows.

Also, two other questions I haven't had a lot of luck finding answers on:

In a small traveling magic show with a magician and a few sideshow type attractions, would you be likely to have your own trailer to yourself, if you were the headliner (the magician)? What about anyone else in the show?

And what kind of lighting would such a show be likely to use when preforming in the evening?

Thanks for reading! Any details you could lend me or sources you could point me toward would be most appreciated. :)
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Medical Student Coursework?

Slightly futuristic modern day world wherein chakra/chi can be used in physical attacks and medical healing (Naruto AU, for anyone that's seen the series).

The roadblock that I keep hitting is this: I know next to nothing about what kind of classes and internships a med student would take and when. The character is supposed to be in her last year or two of college studying forensic medicine (unless I can find something more suitable in that area).

What courses would she feasibly be taking at that time, and would she be interning at a hospital/clinic yet, or do internships (not conducting surgery or anything, but doing more than a candy-striper) at the same time as taking classes?

I searched various college courses as well as googling variations of these terms:
learning forensic medicine, medical students, writing medical students, medical careers, forensic science, forensic students responsibilities classes/courses, etc.

Thanks in advance.

WWI slang for condoms

Hello all,

I'm writing a short story set during WWI, in which the characters are English soldiers. I need a slang term for condoms which was current at that time, and I'm having difficulty finding one; I've Googled for "johnny" and "rubber johnny", but it looks as though that's a later term, and "slang condom" doesn't give me anything useful. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks!

Edited to add; Many thanks for all your responses; "French letter" sounds slightly more formal than I want, so I shall use "Frenchie" instead. And now I have some interesting resources to play with next time I need some slang; much appreciated!
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Flying form Colorado Springs to Washington

My google-fu has failed me (which is kind of embarrassing to admit when I confess what I'm trying to find out). I need to know if, present day, it's possible to fly from Colorado Springs or somewhere pretty close to Washington DC without changing planes, and if so, which specific airports this would be from. ETA If not, which airport would you be likely to fly from near Colorado Springs, regardless of changes?

I've looked on the websites for various airports near the two places, at different airlines and at travel booking sites. Mostly they seem to agree that it's not possible and there'd be various changes, but some say it is, but seem to be referring to different airports. It's not going to be a massively important plot point, but I'd like to get the detail right, and to name the correct airport, so any help would be much appreciated.