September 18th, 2007

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Spanish Bourbon Court Customs

I'm at my wits' end and hoping that someone can help me here. I'm looking for a source that deals with court customs of the Spanish Bourbons. I vaguely remember reading that the court migrated between three principal palaces at different times of the year but I can't seem to find anything about that (including which palaces they were) and every single book or website I've found about Spanish court policies talks about the Hapsburgs. NOT helpful. Also, did the Bourbon kings model themselves after their French cousins with the king's daily levee and other little ceremonies of honor for courtiers? Or, did they basically stick to court customs as they had been established by the Hapsburgs? I'm specifically looking for information that would be relevant to the reign of Carlos IV (1788-1808).

Searches tried: I've searched "spanish bourbon court migration", "spanish royal palace migration", "spanish bourbon court customs", "spanish royal court customs" on Google and I've looked in the few books that my uni library has on the subject which was even more frustrating since they were all written in Spanish. Hours of translation later: still no cigar.

Questions specifically:

What was the Court of the Spanish Bourbons like?
What did it take to be presented at court?
What was that ceremony like?
Did the Spanish Bourbon kings emulate the French Bourbons in the way they controlled the courtiers with levees and other little ceremonies and roles of honor?
When did the court migrate and at what times of the year did it do so?

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated :)
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tattoo artist, AIDS

It has been a couple years since I've written a story and I am disgusted with myself that the only thing that has compelled me hard enough to actually start a new story is a large cash prize... The problem being that the subject matter is horribly cliche and I hate myself for writing it...

Anyway, on with the question, In California, is it lawful for a person with AIDS to be a tattoo artist?

Thank you in advance. I am horribly embarrassed by this story and just hope I can make it work enough to win. After this, I swear to start writing real stories again.

I have already searched Tattoo laws, California tattoo laws and AIDS and tattoos. I haven't come across anything that really fits what I need. Most of these just talk about health risks of getting a tattoo or when a tattoo artist has to pay such and such fee.
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Referring to a classic car

Hi again! A few weeks ago you offered a bunch of suggestions for my character's sexy classic car. I decided on a 1966 Corvette Sting Ray. Thanks!

Now my question is how to refer to the car in conversation. When talking to a car-saavy friend, would my character call the car a Sting Ray? Corvette? 'Vette? Chevy?

I've googled for variations on "referring to a corvette sting ray" to no avail. Thanks in advance!
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Japanese visitors from the Edo period in England?

Setting: Napoleonic War era with a little fantasy thrown in, Britain and Japan (Edo period, before the Meiji Restoration)

Is it realistic to have a Japanese character in Britain at this time? All the information I've been able to find tells me that Japan was very isolationist at this time, letting in few foreigners except the Dutch, but doesn't say anything about if the citizens themselves were able to travel outside Japan on their own voalition.

Also, in preparation for making this character, does anyone know a website with a large collection of Japanese prints? Something like ArtRenewal for Asian art? Specifically ukiyo-e since I'd like to have as close as possible to the time period to get some idea of how hair and clothing looked.

Search wise, I've read the wikipedia entries on Edo-era Japan and I'm good with resources strictly for Napoleonic War-Britain, but I think the answer I'm looking for may be too obscure for the internet. Or maybe I'm not using the right search terms?

High-end, slightly obscure fashion for men

I'm working on a story where one of the main characters is in a relationship with a billionaire. B. the billionaire, enjoys spoiling his boyfriend thoroughly and would gladly give him the best of everything. The boyfriend, C, is a bit of a stubborn cuss about expensive gifts and so wouldn't accept anything that's very high-end brand name, so most of the fashion lines I know (Armani, LV) are out. I've tried googling 'men's fashion high-end' but all the names I come across are pretty recognizable.

So, my question is: what brands (clothing, cologne, watches) are reasonably luxe but not very well-known? Preferably something that a normal person wouldn't recognize but someone in the know (like a fashion columnist) would know immediately.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I've narrowed down the clothing brands (thanks, everyone!)  but I'm still lost on the colognes and watches. Bvlgari? Patek Philippe? Rado? *head explodes*