September 16th, 2007


cell phone video

You know how people can record short clips of video footage on their cellphones?  When did that technology become widely available in the USA? 

Googled just about every combo of cell phones, history, camera, video, and footage that I could come up with.  I cannot find a site about the history of cell phones that goes much past 1984.

What I really need to know is if some teenager in Chicago was likely to have one in 2001.  Or did they not exist/cost too much back then.

All help appreciated!
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Persephone, unusual origins / characteristics.

Are there sources mentioning Persephone as a truly nasty goddess? One actually ruling the Underworld, not just sitting there while Hades is in charge?
Apollodorus makes Styx her mother (not Demeter), and Homer tends to write her as a terrible goddess, far from the subdued one portrayed by Hesiod. Are there other sources portraying her that way?
I'd like to learn more about that dark side of the Goddess. After all, with a name like that ( "destructive/slayer"), she's bound to have some dark characteristics.
Maybe the Greek belief stemmed from older religions, if yes which ones? Are there myths revolving around a Hell ruled by a woman?

I don't have access to reliable books right now, and Google is just spouting nonsense about paganism and satanism. 
Any kind of help is more than welcome!

ETA : A HUGE 'thank you' to each and every one of you! Your help was wonderful!

USO Centers Overseas Durign WWII

Specifically in Britain and the surrounding countries.

I've googled "USO WWII", "USO Centers", "USO History" and wiki'ed "USO:. However, all I've come up with is where the current USO bases are in Europe (Italy and Germany) and where tey are in other parts of the world and the US.

The whole reason I need this is that I have a fictional band during WWII (a la Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller) who are going overseas to entertain the soldiers. As the majority of the band is either British or First Generation American from British descent, I'd prefer to have them going over there and having a moment of "This isn't home."

Also, if anyone has any information on lodging for USO performers when overseas during the same time period, I'd love to know. I'd tried googling "USO Conditions WWII" but didn't get anything relevant.

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Need help with the title of one of Sturgeon's short stories

Googled: Theodore Sturgeon short stories; Theodore sturgeon television actress vote; and checked his wiki page.

A long time ago, in a collection of Sturgeon's short stories, there was one that depicted a world in which fans got to vote whether the leading actor/actress would live or die... literally. Anyone know the title and anthology? 
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