September 10th, 2007

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Actors and Actresses Wanted

For those of you that have taken theater classes.

1.Basic first year concepts. Just name them I'll read up, I just want to know what to read up ON.

2.In your first year or two, what are the common epiphanies reached by theater students? What will you learn that isn't on the syllabus?

3.What is the bane of all theater students?

4.What is the difference between a theater student that wants to be the next favorite Hollywood leading man and the one that wants to be a comic actor?

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Tatami spirits?

I'm positive that, as a child, I read a story about spirits who protect tatami mats and punish people who mess them up--but I can't for the life of me remember where I saw it. I've Googled various combinations of "tatami + protective + spirits," and combed a very long list of Japanese mythological/folkloric beings and creatures, with no success. Is there anyone who also remembers that story, or who knows what such beings/imps/spirits are called?

(I'm playing with the idea of a somewhat bratty child who wants to see them and deliberately spoils one of the tatami in his room, but he doesn't get to see the spirits--only a very annoyed parent or housekeeper. Also, I'm wondering: how heinous would that be in the scale of childhood misdeeds?)

Naming diseases?

Setting: January, 2008

Search terms used: Name disease, disease naming, how to name a disease, pandemic naming, epidemic naming

Basically I need the name of a pandemic caused by a super-virus that emerges in Japan in January of 2008. It's a variant of viral pneumonia (similar to SARS), but I dont' want to use SARS. The name for a common bacterial pneumonia is Streptococcus pneumoniae, but I haven't found any resources on how new diseases are named. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Music/Food in UK Sixth-Form Colleges 2007

This is really a personal experience question that I don't think I could answer well with Google.

When I was at college at the tail end of the 90s we had a student-run radio station (and a lot of guys strumming guitars) in the common room; they played a lot of Green Day/Smashing Pumpkins/Mansun and the like, and I saw a lot of Offspring and NOFX t-shirts. So my question is to the people who are at college (or even university) in the UK at the moment: what's the equivalent of that these days? Which bands/songs are getting played incessantly in student venues, and who's everybody going to see in concert and/or wearing on their T-shirts?

Also, a quick secondary question: when I was at college we subsisted on pizza slices and bacon sandwiches. Is that still a likely option, or have independent sixth-form colleges been hit by the same push towards healthy eating as the schools?