September 7th, 2007


Identifying a painting


I'm trying to identify a painting I saw on Nanny 911 in the background of the Lorimor's home. I do not have an image of it, only in my memory. It is of a woman seated on the left side of the painting wearing a renaissance/medieval style dress. To her right she is with a man in dark grey clothes / armour, he's possibly a knight, and he's on a bended knee, taking her hand, looking at her like he's proposing or kissing her hand. The style is reminiscent of John Waterhouse or Sir Frank Dicksee's "La Belle Dame Sans Merci". That is not the picture I'm looking for.

I've googled "Fantasy art", "knight art", "medieval art", "romantic couples art", "knight lady art" "lovers art". All have lead me to,, etc. And I've done searches under fantasy art and knight art while browsing through their galleries. I've looked through all of John Waterhouse's, all of Sir Dickee's. Nothing.

The painting looked in the same style as Waterhouse, but I believe is by a more modern artist.

I thought I'd ask this community, could you please help me with these questions to help me with this:

1. Does anyone know of the painting I've described (remember it is not Waterhouse)?
2. Does anyone know where I could enter a description of a painting online to search or know of a website that helps id paintings?
3. Does anyone know of a fantasy art print site to search?

Thank you very much in advance!