September 5th, 2007

Trees that grow near lakes in the northeastern U.S.

This really is a very tiny detail, but I'm writing a story that is in part set in the northeastern U.S., probably New York or New Jersey, near a small lake (the lake is required; the New York or New Jersey bit is more up for debate, but it does need to be in the northeast). I need a tree that grows near water and is large enough to provide considerable shade. I was about to type "oak" and then I realized that I, um, actually have no idea if a) oaks grow near lakes at all (my MCs are at a house that's right up on the water), or b) that'd be a plausible type of tree for the northeast.

I've Googled various combinations of "east coast", "new york", "new jersey", "types of trees", "northeast", and "trees that grow near lakes", "oak tree", "lake". It looks like oaks do grow near water in the southeast, but I seriously have no idea if that means they would in the northeast; I know nothing about either trees or the northeast, so. Any help would be appreciated.

Can I use oak? Or would a different kind of tree be more plausible?

ETA: Willow it is! I forget that those trees actually exist outside of books, but that's exactly what I need. *g* Thanks guys!

ETA 2: Okay, more responses have come out more strongly in favor of maple. Right on. (WE ARE INDEED IMPRESSED BY THE TREE. IS IT OAK WILLOW MAPLE.)