September 4th, 2007


marathon running

I have a question about running marathons in the current day US. I've done quite a bit of research (wikipedia, running websites, etc) and have a general understanding, but as someone who used to fake sick on mile day in gym class, some personal experience info would be great. Because of that, I'm not sure this is google-able.

1) So I have an 18 year old female character who runs 3-5 miles a day, every day, and on weekends, quite often more. She's been doing so for just over a year, and before that, ran sporadically. Would 9 weeks be enough time for her to train for a marathon so that she could finish in 3 hrs, 40 min (to qualify for the Boston Marathon)? Or should she still need the typical 16 weeks I've seen outlined on many running websites?

2) My other question is Boston Marathon specific, and I did read the Boston Marathon website very thoroughly but I wanted to make sure I was 100% clear on this detail. With registration opening for that in September, is it okay for the character's qualifying run to take place in, say, November, or even later, like January? Would she still be able to register for the Boston Marathon that late in the game or would she need to wait for the following year's?

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New Zealand Archaeology

A character in my novel had a grandfather who was a New Zealand archaeologist; taking into account the calculated age line of his following generations/lineage, his career would have taken place precisely 91 years ago. I was wondering if New Zealand even had archaeological expeditions a hundered years ago, seeing as it only gained independent dominion status in 1907; it was more focused on becoming an independent country than researching it's own history.

Also, how did New Zealanders view war participation (as in times of The Boer War)? Were people drafted into the army, or did they volunteer for the cause? Please ignore this question if the answer is obvious; I haven't entirely studied Wikipedia's page yet.

Google / tries:
New Zealand Archaeology, History of New Zealand Archaeology, New Zealand Archaeologists, "When was the first New Zealand archaeological expedition?"

Thanks in advance for anything you guys can give me! If you need an exact timeline of this guy's schooling/war participation/family, let me know and I'll post it up.