September 3rd, 2007

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Direct Environmental action - modern day, England

Google-fu - not really sure where to start searching for this, to be honest. What I am looking for here is a narrowing of my search criteria as there is a lot to look up and I am not sure where to start. Once I have some start off points I can start applying them to search engines more efficiently.

Background: Contemporary fantasy with a super-hero edge to it. Set in modern day England (North east to be precise).

I submitted this story to a crit list for review and the overwhelming response that came back was 'the hero needs to *do* something at the end of the piece'. In other words he needs to stop moping and leap into action. The trouble is I am having problems finding something for this particular character to do that fits the story.

The character is a mid twenties young man with alternative culture background. He has a power related to nature and the environment part of which is his ability to sense things wrong in the world - pollution, climate change, extinction of species and so on. Naturally, this depresses him... the finale of the story has him deciding to do something about this and (after the comments made in the crit list) I am wanting him to get involved in some shady, semi terrorist, environmental action group. I feel this is an ideal stage to look at some quite grey moral areas. However, I am not sure what the mission of this group should be. My only knowledge of this world is animal rights activism - hunt sabbing, releasing research animals, contaminating products that have been tested on animals etc - but I am not sure that this fits with the background - he wants to raise awareness of environmental issues and the extinction of species rather than specific animal cruelty. So, really, I am looking for ideas from environmentally aware people on this list as to what sort of action is both plausible for such a group and likely to fit the ideals of the character. It needs to be fairly modern (hunt sabbing, for example, is less relevant in today's Britain due to the hunting ban though I am aware that some illegal hunting does still go on) and local (so no sailing off to Japan to sit in front of a whale about to be harpooned) but other than that the field is fairly open...

Thanks in advance for any help...
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hunting down exact Meera Syal quote

I'm writing something at the moment in the absence of a lot of my books, and right now I'm looking for someone who might have a copy of Meera Syal's novel Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee to hand and be able to hunt down a quote for me.

It's about halfway through the book, at a point where one of the three characters, Chila, is pregnant, and someone makes an acerbic comment along the lines of how her conservative family are doing their best to make her dress in a way that hides her bump - because it "represents incontrovertible proof that she had Done It." (I think that's an exact quote.) Basically, I need a larger chunk of it - basically, the couple of paragraphs surrounding the quote. Can anyone help me out?
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Setting: In the Southern states of the US.

Time: Present.

Searched: Literary Romanticism in the United States, common styles of Romanticism, and popular themes regarding Romanticism.

My MC is researching the literary time periods of the Romantics for a mock teaching seminar, and needs to recognize the searched terms mentioned above (regarding the US only) that are particularly found throughout works of nonfiction. He basically needs as many study references as possible, dating from as long as fifty years ago to present.

What would be some decent sources he could use for his studies, preferably found in books as opposed to via the Internet?
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British slang for "gay," 1960s-90s

I'm writing a story starring a gay couple in Great Britain, spanning from the late 1960s to the late 1990s. Problem is, all I know about British slang terms for homosexuality is that "poof" is correct and "fag" is utterly, horribly wrong.

I've googled various combos of the terms: slang, British, gay, 60s, 70s, 80s, history.

I'm not looking for terms that gay people use, I'm looking for the terms that other people use to refer to them. Either insults or neutral terms. It'd be particularly helpful to know which decades they were used in (for example, if the word was only used in the late 70s, and not at all before and not much afterwards, etc).