August 31st, 2007

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Professors involved in non-class stuff

Hi there!

For a story I am plotting, I need to have my professor of something-related-to-computer-science-undecided-as-of-yet in a position where he actually spends time outside actual teaching with a bunch of students (enough for the students to realize there is something very strange and mysterious going on with him) the age/educational status of the students is flexible - they can be anything from undergrads to PhD students. I don;t know how this would be possible, since I never went to the kind of small-but-prestigious college in a medium-sized-city somewhere in modern-day, maybe 5 years to the future, tops, US. I donl;t know how to google something like this since I don;t know what terms would apply, so search string suggestions are also welcome.

Thanks in advance :)
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Apprenticeships in London, UK, 1933, for the orphaned daughter of a British Army NCO

My character is a 12/3 year old girl, the orphan daughter of a British Army sergeant, cared for in an Board or Industrial school since the death of her father in circa 1928 in Iraq.

I need her to have a trade, specifically technical drawing or cartography, preferably obtained through an apprenticeship to a London firm.

A reader has objected to this because of the cost of apprenticeship in the early 1930s (the crunch years of the depression), and finds it unlikely that an Industrial or Charity school would place her in a trade apprenticeship.

I have searched a wide variety of combinations of the following: Barnardos, Orphanages, depression, London, apprenticeship, training, trade, "British Legion" - but I am getting too many results to find good leads, most referencing the 18th and 19th Centuries, or the 1940s-1950s.

I am happy to do primary research at the British Library etc - but can anyone offer some good starting points or first person accounts?

Edit: Thank you everyone - there are some really interesting comments here, and some fruitful ground to cover in creating my character's backstory, and some good lines of enquiry

I should perhaps say I have no problem with the idea of a girl training as a draughtswoman in the 1930s; the census for Colchester in 1921 lists 401 "Women Clerks and Draughtswomen - in many lighter industries it was seen as a branch of clerical work, and hence a proper role for women. I also have personal testimony of a 14 year-old girl apprentice to a drawing-office in 1938.

My concern now is rather with the process by which apprenticeships were contracted in the 1930s, and how a charity or local authority might go about arranging it.
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MOD POST: Mild rule change

I changed the wording on this rule because it's obvious that it wasn't clear enough:
3. At least attempt to research your question before posting. This means a Google search, at the very least. Let us know what types of search terms you've used; for example: "I've googled 'ancient egypt', cats, ancient egypt + cats + mummies, and various combinations and synonyms."

(Special note: if your question isn't the type that can be googled or you need help coming up with fruitful search terms, no worries. Just say so.)
I also mentioned a while ago that I would be adding a new rule to the user info about not deleting your entries or comments. I've finally gotten around to adding it:
8. Don't delete your entries or your comments because people are disagreeing with (or "misunderstanding") you. There are legitimate reasons to delete posts; this isn't one of them. Don't freeze comment threads, either. The discussion on this community belongs to the whole community, not just you.
That's only the basic idea. The wording may be changed if you guys have questions.
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Car Accident Injuries

My story is set in the UK (England) present day. Main character is a seventeen year old female, healthy until she's involved in a car accident. For the first of my questions I've tried variations of 'scalping', 'hair growth', and 'treatment of head wounds/lacerations'. For the second I've googled 'ankle support boot' which led me to try 'ankle stabilizing boot', as well as the words 'treatment', 'fractures', 'muscles' and 'personal stories'.

She's sitting in the back seat (in the middle at the moment, though that may change depending on the responses I get here). Her parents are sitting in the front seats and they are both killed when the car runs off the road (possibly turns over) and hits a tree.

Something during the accident is going to cause her to injure her head, basically scalping her, although the skin is still intact and so is repaired leaving her with a scar. And so, my first question: how much of her head would be shaved to repair this? Would it just be the left side where the injury is? Would they do it all over so it would be even? I've found loads of info about tribes that scalp people but that's not really telling me much about this kind of injury.

Secondly (and most importantly because it's a bigger plot point), she is going to injure her right leg as well, preferably her ankle. I need for her to end up in one of these type things (or something similar). I've actually worn one of these myself, about nine years ago, when I injured my achillies tendon, but some of the websites that I found (mostly via Google although this Wikipedia page did have some useful links) mentioned that similar 'boot's were used for fractures.

Would a car accident be more likely to cause an injury to muscles or to bones and which would take the longest to heal? I was thinking that a fracture would probably be treated with a fixator or something first and then this to get the person walking again. For the purposes of my story I want for her to be on crutches/ankle boot for as long as possible. Scars and longer lasting problems (like a limp) are all fine.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Ranks and Acronym for the Italian 9th Airborn Assault Regiment (“Col Moschin”)

Greetings, all those who might know stuff about the Italian military.

I have a character (male), whom I would like to be a member of the Italian special forces regiment "Col Moschin". I've Googled this regiment and read the Wikipedia entries and the links provided that were in English, and I've also looked up various combinations of "Ranks + Ages + Italian Military", "Age + Rank + Italian 9th Airborn Assault Regiment", "Age + Rank + Col Moschin" and the like. I now know what ranks one can achieve in the Italian military, and that they have a world-renowned air force, but I can't find what I'm looking for. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

So here's what I need:

I know that besides "Col Moschin", the regiment's nickname is "il Nono". Is there, however, some kind of acronym that is also used? (I'm thinking along the lines of USAF or RCAF.)

And what age would someone generally be to be a Captain (Capitano) in il Nono? I'm guessing that it would be similar to someone in the Canadian or US armed forces, which would make them in their mid-to late twenties. Is this correct?

Thank you all very much in advance.