August 29th, 2007

Lady Blue

Hello, I'm new and asking about rats.

So, I'm writing a one-shot fic about talking animals and my fic is centred on rats.

To give background, these rats live in England, are originally from the sewers under local towns but have moved into a big protected park and are living completely wildly. The rats are also in monogamous relationships.

My question is, what's the maximum number of litters a female rat can have in a year without it severely damaging her health?
The rats are supposed to be breeding heavily but since these are intelligent talking animals I am assuming there would be a level of control so the females don't end up getting harmed through constant pregnancy.

When I tried searching for this information I tended to just find results for how many babies a pet rat should have and how many a wild rat will typically have. I'm asking for closer to a maximum amount.

Thank you to any rat experts there may be among here.
your point?

Artistic dress movement; wacky Victorian clothing

Setting: America, 1874.

I'm trying to dress one of my male characters in a way that would say to a typical Victorian dude, "Hi, I'm crazy! Avoid me!" I want to go more eccentric than underwear-on-the-head crazy. I think the Artistic Dress movement might be a good choice, but I can't find any examples of how a man in that movement might dress, except for Oscar Wilde, and he's a little too late.

Any pictures or descriptions of male Artistic clothing would be great; failing that I'd love to hear some suggestions for an eccentric way of dressing.

I Googled various combinations of "artistic dress movement" and "male fashion."
1 my BIG teacup <3

Getting clothes in Victorian/Edwardian London? Staying at a hotel?

I'd love it if someone could give me a hand with this...

Where would a young female who's visiting turn-of-the-century London (and who has gotten her hands on a rather impressive amount of nice cash) go to get new clothes? Not so much a geographical location (although any tips would be great, too) but more specifically what sort of place?

Would there be any equivalent of modern shops where you simply buy actual clothes, or would you visit a tailor and have everything sewn specifically for you?
The character will both need to have her ruined coat mended, as well as getting new pieces of clothing. The style would be decently posh and stylish, but still rather practical and not overly fancy or upper-class.
Any pointers would be incredibly helpful!

Also, any links to sites or articles about the markets and shopping districts in London at that time (about 1890-1915-ish) would be very much appreciated. I've done some basic looking around, but any suggestions are more than welcome!

Finally, where would said young just-passing-through woman and her handful of male traveling companions stay for a week or two? A hotel as we know them, an equivalent of a hostel, renting a room somewhere, something else? They do have the money to spend, but would try to keep a low profile, and would aim to get as much of civilization's luxuries as possible without staying anywhere fine enough to attract unwanted attention.

Many big thanks in advance for any tidbit of help!