August 28th, 2007

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Emergency Broadcast Message Verbage; Current Day; US.

I'm hoping someone can help me or give me an idea, because I'm clueless on this one.

I'm looking for what a nation wide emergency broadcast message on radio and television would say. If there's been a national crisis, and people need to know where they can go for help and/or information, what would it say?

I've looked on Google and Wiki using search terms such as 'emergency broadcast', 'emergency broadcast USA', 'emergency message', 'emergency message USA', 'national emergency', and variations on a theme. I get a lot about the sorts of things used to make the messages but not what the actual messages would say, and that's the bit I'm stuck on.

Any help/suggestions on what it would say or where to look for examples would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Help me locate where my characters can move!

Time: Present day or reasonably close.
Place: Somewhere in the United States, but from there it gets tricky.

Searches attempted thus far: Various WikiTravel and Craigslist pages for potential locations. Also whatever comes up on Google for the city names etc.

Here are the criteria, in approximate order of importance:

1) I would prefer Maryland or Delaware. Georgia, Florida and Oklahoma are also options. (This is for plot reasons and has to do with a specific legal quirk/loophole that all of those states share and that my MCs are planning to exploit.)

2) It should be possible to rent a small apartment for relatively low cost - say, $500 or less for a one-bedroom.

3) Population density is negotiable, to a point. Ideal would be a smallish city with a larger city an hour or so away (New Castle, PA or Jamestown, NY would be excellent choices if I could use those states, which I can't.) The larger city doesn't have to be in one of the previously-listed states - just the place the characters actually live.

The larger city itself is also potentially possible but a little trickier. Anything extremely rural is right out: there should be at least some basic services within walking distance.

4) Also helpful, but not of critical importance:

- A Starbucks (specifically) in the area.
- Home to a community college, or at least with one close by.
- NOT having a reputation as being notoriously unsafe.

More information about potential places would be helpful as well to help me decide. I've considered Athens, GA and Oklahoma City, OK as possibilities, since it's looking like Maryland and Delaware might be too expensive to make this work.

EDIT: I'm going to go with Athens, GA - it looks like the relevant law there was repealed a couple years ago, but not so long ago that I can't still make the story work. Thanks, everyone!


Okay, so, as far as small details go this is pretty tiny, but quite important for my story.

My character is in his fourties. He's just recieved really, really bad news (specifically, both his parents have been killed in a car wreck). It's late at night, he's at home, and having got this news, he goes for the liqueur cabinet. Now, later on a friend of his shows up, they drink together, and the character makes a comment about the bottle of whiskey they're drinking - he says, obviously with a degree of bitter irony, that he only brings out this particular bottle "on special occasions".

So, the point is that this whiskey is really, really good. And really expensive. This guy has good taste, he's fairly cultured and probably knows his liqueurs. I, on the other hand, don't. So what I need to know is, what would be a plausible a) brand and b) year for this bottle of very special whiskey?
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