August 26th, 2007

Big Bad Wolf, Bigby

Ancient Demi-gods with Remarkable births

Setting and time: not relevant.
Searches: Wiki'd and googled with "Demi-god" "demigod" and both of these with "Birth" attached and mostly ended up with Jesus links (which is not what I need).

I am looking for stories of demi-gods with strange or miraculous births and/or heroic/ incredible deeds shortly after their births. I'd prefer ones not from the Greek or Norse pantheons and I have used Heracles and the Norse god Vali and I want some variety. Any and all suggestions are welcome, though, if you think the demi-god fits the criteria.

Thank you in advance for all your suggestions. :D

EDIT: Thank you for all the interesting mythology and god information. I am, however, only looking for stuff that relates to HALF-GODs' births, and not full blooded gods.
  • shien19

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and honorifics

Hi, everyone!

My question is about the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Tokyo Metropolitan Police. I've been surfing TMPD site but I can't find a detailed organization chart of this bureau (All I've found is this). I've also tried Wikipedia (even though it's not very reliable) and there isn't much information either (and nor it provides useful links).

What I need to know is related to the procedure in a case of murder. Is there a "chief" (I mean, as a Bureau Chief) and then subordinate detectives, or are all the 'detectives' officers (wearing their blue uniform)? Also, I would like to know if the officers would take witness to the police station to interrogate them. Or would they ask questions in the crime scene or later (looking for them in their houses or workplaces, for example)?

I would also like to know if there's a particular honorific to add to your superior/subordinate's name in the Police? Like -san and -kun, but specifically used in the Police Department.

Thank you very much in advance!