August 24th, 2007

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Effects of Malnutrition in Adult Female

Time Period: Modern US, no state in particular (I don't think it matters for something like this)

Right now I've got a strange personal experience and a vague idea that wants to flesh itself out further into a story, but I need some information and Google is being unhelpful.

Personal Situation: For approximately three weeks, I was working night security and eating very little. We're talking, a bowl of cereal, a stack of crackers and maybe a piece of fruit in each 24 hour span. Occasionally I'd eat bread and peanut butter.

Now, I noticed some weight loss in that time (who wouldn't, right?) as well as some intestinal issues.Collapse )

I quit that job about a week and a half ago and now if I try to eat too much I get really sick.

My question: in a healthy adult (18-25) female, how long could you really live like that before you get more than just weight loss and the intestinal issues. What would those issues be? Would it be like anorexia, but without the psychological issues?

Google attemps: effects of malnutrition, effects of malnutrition in adults and rearrangements thereof. All I'm getting are articles about thrid world countries where they've been suffering from malnutrition all their lives.