August 22nd, 2007


High-paying teenage part-time jobs?


I have a 13-year old orphaned character, who eventually ages into 16-17 years old, planning to run away from her guardian. She has tried to run away several times in the past, but she hadn't gone that far away before her guardian retrieved her.

After her failures, she decides to bide her time and run away after she has graduated from high school. I want the character to have a bit of cash to spend on after she'd run away, so I was wondering if there are any relatively high paying jobs for teens age 13-17. I was thinking of something in events planning, but I'm not quite sure if that's plausible, though if it's in any help, she's doesn't go into that until she's 15-16.

Feel free to share any experiences on such jobs (or even running away). Googling for stuff like this is difficult.


ETA: Whoops. Forgot. This is set in the US (but any experience in other countries is welcome), no definite state yet.
ETA2: Skill-wise, she's supposed to be part (and later in charge) of planning and events for the student council (but this is when she's 15-17). I'm not quite set on what her exact skills are, so I could still modify it. She is hardworking though, and doesn't flinch from more menial jobs (unless it involves bodily/animal wastes, which is just eww for her).
ETA3: Thank you so much for the overwhelming response. They've given me ideas on things I haven't even thought about. ^_^

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Forensic Profile of a Female Serial Killer (Poison, Slit throat)

Setting: Science fiction. An alien colony of human-like individuals. Culture is somewhat British inspired.

I have a crime scene in my novel where someone has been paralysed with a poison and then had their throat slit. The murderer was a female, and I want my wunderkind forensic profiler to be able to tell that it was a female straight away.

Some of my google-fu has already uncovered this website at which has helped narrow down the most likely causes of murder (Poison! I added the slit throat myself), however I was wondering if there might be any other tell tale clues that he might pick up on. Is a female killer more likely to clean the body, or position it in a certain way? The victim was male but there was no sexual motive to the murder.

In addition, what might say about the murderesses lifestyle based on the modus operandi?

I've typed things like "Profile of female serial killers" and "Forensic profiling female serial killer" which is how I got the website. "profile slit throat" and "profile cut throat" got me deviant art and myspace accounts :-/ so that seems to be a dead end.

Cheers all.

EDIT:Thanks to everyone who answered my question. I now know what I am going to do. You have all been a tremendous help, I appreciate it ^_^
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Questioning teen witnesses

If two teens, 17 and 19, discovered an apparently drowned couple in a pond, then called 911, how would the police question them? If the police don't find the witnesses particularly suspicious at the time, would they ask all their questions at the crime scene, or would the witnesses have to be formally interviewed? What sort of questions would they typically ask? Would the 17-year-old require parents being contacted/present at the time of questioning? I've checked Wikipedia and Googled many different keywords and phrases for this, but still don't have all the details. Oh, and the setting is a fairly small town in Washington, USA. Thanks in advance!