August 21st, 2007

Protective custody, police procedure

Searched: Wikipedia and Google under "protective custody" and only got the definition. I need a little more than that.

Background for question: I have a victim/witness of attempted murder. The suspect hasn't been apprehended yet, and the police are placing the witness under protective custody. But the catch is his parents want to bring him back to Texas where he's originally from. He's currently in another state for college.

Question(s): Can the police prevent his parents from taking him home? Or do they have no choice but to let him go with his family?

Edit: Questions were answered. Thanks for your help, guys! :)
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Land conditions, Bluewater Lake State Park, New Mexico...

Time - Early November, current time.

I'm trying to discover if, while driving an ATV near this location, you would leave tracks. It's hard to tell, from looking at pictures, if the land in this area is hard-packed or looser, and if an ATV would leave clear tracks or only a few scuffy marks in softer areas.

Would the same hold true if you went further west/north toward Red Rock State Park, the Divide, and what looks like some kind of small creek on my map? There's no name to this water - it's possibly a 'seasonal' creek? On my map it goes east/west between route 666 and route 371 and dips south to follow interstate 40.

I can't seem to find any actual notices about whether ATVs are allowed in this park. The people using them will happily break the law if they're not, so that's not actually a consideration.

I've Googled the average weather in the area and know it gets cold at this time of year, but i don't know if it's cold enough to freeze the ground. I know, also, that there has been a higher than average rainfall across the state this year, but i couldn't find anything specific for this park.

Thank you!

Edit: Route 666 is now called 491. I guess i need a new(er) map.
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Ear Removal

Thank you to everyone who answered my last question, I have another one for you now.

Setting: Medieval Britain type country, but with magic.

The question is that my character has just had his ear cut off. It's a clean cut done with a sword by a very skilled swordsman, though my character wasn't expecting it. Now, I know the healing times will be affected by the fact that there are magical healers in this world, but since I have no idea how long it'd take to heal in the first place, I can't work out how much faster it would heal with magical assistance.

I tried googling ear cut off, ear removal and both with healing times, healing rates and such like. However all the hits seemed to be related to Jesus healing a soldier who'd lost an ear, which doesn't really answer my question.

So, how long would it take for someone to heal from an ear being cut off like that without magic? From that I can work out how much faster the magic would make it, I think. Any details on what that process would be like, as well as the long-term effects on hearing and such like would be very much appreciated too.
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Colombian p.o.v.

This is set in present-day. I have a character who moved to the U.S. from Colombia (Bogota, where she was a teacher) about four years ago. She is thinking about someone who almost got kidnapped by a drug cartel, on the orders of someone higher up. What I can't find out is how she would mentally phrase this. Would she use the phrase "drug lord", or "narcotrafficker", or simply "cartel", or is there another, better phrase? If there's a commonly used term in Spanish, that's fine.

I tried googling things like 'Colombia drug lords', 'Colombia drug terminology', and 'Colombia cartel terminology'. I found out all the various terms that governments and newspapers use, but not what the average Colombian would say/think.

Thanks in advance!