August 18th, 2007

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Chicago Monopoly Boards


I'm currently in the planning stages of a casefic in the due South fandom. So, c.1998 and in Chicago, America.

I've tried googling and google image searching for "chicago monopoly", but they haven't produced any legible or concrete results. I've also tried this wikipedia article about licensed variations on Monopoly, which provided some information, but not enough to be able to "reconstruct" the layout. I also found the thing on amazon

It might well be that I'm just missing something in the way I phrase things.

What I really really want is a picture of a Chicago Monopoly board (preferably the "official" Parker Bros. version, but I'd settle for any if all else fails. Large enough for me to see the locations.) or a list of the locations on it.

I'm kind of hoping that somebody here has one or works in a toy-shop or something. Or that somebody could just point me to the right resource.


ETA: Why I want this? I have somebody sending photographs of board squares to the Chicago Police as a way of "anouncing" bombings.
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a little help

Dropped Cigarette Lighter

I tried a Googling a few fruitless variants on "cigarette lighter, dropped" but I think this is probably most easily answered by personal experience: If you drop a cigarette lighter (modern-day cheap mass-produced kind, as used by a teenage smoker) will it go out or stay lit?

various dubbing related questions...

I have a couple of questions about dubbing and the voiceover industry in general, and the ADR process in particular. I've googled all over the place, using various combinations of 'dubbing' 'anime dubbing' 'voice acting' 'voice over' 'adr' 'adr recording studio' et cetera. There's all sorts of information about trying to break into the industry, but within the context of my story, my character's past all that.

The closest thing I found to what I'm looking for was a woman voice actor's account of a typical week, but it's outdated (my story is set in the present) and also american cartoons, not ADR like I was looking for.

Ok, so my assumptions/questions from what I've been able to glean off the internet are:

1. I read somewhere that most voice actors work through agents, and I'm assuming it's true. Does anyone know for sure either way? I suppose it really doesn't matter...

2. I am also assuming that the United States uses the rythmo-band technique. Does anyone know differently?

3. As for the studios themselves, who is present 'behind the glass' at a recording session? Are there any titles I should know for the 'techies'? Would someone representing the company producing the anime be present, or not? I honestly have no idea.

4. As for the production studio itself, would the anime production company own their own, or would they contract out with an independent one? I've been to a couple of websites, and these places say they have the capability for a whole bunch of things outside of post-sync, so I'm lead to believe that these companies contract out. Yes? No?

5. Also, convention-related question, when voice actors are invited to conventions (in this case, a fairly large fictional one) are they usually put-up in the convention hotel? What actually goes on during a signing? (In this case, humorous anecdotes are a plus. I know all sorts of weird things go down during a convention, I've been to a few, just never to a signing)

I guess, if anyone finds any great links to information not just regarding these questions, but the whole industry in general, I would love if you would share!

I guess that's all for now, but I might be back as I run into snags along the way!

Thanks so much in advance!

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deep cut?

I'm writing about somebody having their throat slit and I have no idea how to describe it.
I haven't ever had a seriously deep cut or anything to work from to begin imagining what it feels like.
I've googled variations on "deep cut experience" "deep wounds how it feels" "slit throat experience" (I wasnt hopeful for a first person account, there)

I've looked into the anatomy of the throat thinking that I could work from knowing what happens but have no idea which parts would actually be cut.
The weapon is something similar to a straight or "cut throat" razor. Would that cut the trachea or just the big juicy veins?

Thanks for any insight you can give me.

EDIT: The attacker is behind the victim. Her head is tilted back somewhat and she is suspended in midair by her attacker's other hand.
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Neo-natal Problems and Infertility

I'm looking for a reason for my character to have problems conceiving, followed by a difficult pregnancy and subsequent infertility. She had a son in the early 1990s (perhaps around 1993/4) and it took about two years for her to successfully sustain a pregnancy. I imagine her having had a miscarrage or two as well as a tough final pregnancy. The most important part though is that she's unable to have any more children, and I'd prefer it to be that she can't have any more, rather than she could but it would be highly dangerous for her.

I've googled a  number of things such as "neonatal problems" "infertility" and "problems conceiving" but the sites I've found have either been hard to understand or unhelpful in determining what the problem would be.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Tree Falling on Car

Setting: Modern America

Searches: tree falling on car, car tree damage, tree car damage, tree falling on car insurance

I need a small-to-medium-sized tree to fall on a car. I'd like the damage to be minimal, as my protagonist needs to use his car fairly soon afterwards (I can probably have him borrow someone else's, if that's not possible). Would there be less damage if the trunk hit the car, or the top with all the branches? And what part of the car could it hit to cause the least damage? I'm guessing the hood would be the worst The car is parked, so there's no chance of human injury.

How long would the car be in the shop afterwards? Is several days possible?

Also, how would insurance work for this sort of thing? My google results only talked about when your own car is parked at your own home. In this case, the car does not belong to the homeowner. I think it would still be covered by his (the car owner's) car insurance, but I'm not sure. Does he need to take pictures of the tree on the car, or have an insurance inspector look at it?
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Illuminationed Letters

First post.

I'm looking for a specific illumination that I have a very clear memory of. It's a letter, I think an "F", and just next to, or under, or as part of the illustrations around it, there are three little monkeys dressed as monks.

I have spent pretty much all day googling and wiki-ing my little heart out, on "illuminations animals", "animals as monks" "medieval illustrations", all the different books (Book of Kells, Lindisfarne Gospel, Books of Hours ...) and I'm just coming up dry.

Does anyone out there have any idea, or familiarity with what I'm describing? I'm close to tearing my hair out here ...
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WWII Mising/POW telegrams

I've been googling variations on telegrams and Missing in Action and POW and I can't find this.

Roughly how long would there be between receiving a telegram to say someone had been shot down and receiving another one to say they had been confirmed as being a POW in Germany?

I'm not looking for a set in stone figure just - a few days or a couple of weeks or a month or two or something.

My character is British (RAF) and I've found quite a few anecdotal accounts for Americans but none for Brits at all. I'm assuming it would be similar but I don't know and I can't find anything British to confirm that for me.

(For Americans it seems to be a couple of weeks on average)