August 12th, 2007

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Rock Music From the late 60s' - 1976

I'm writing a fic about a restless, rebellious, sometimes broody, teen boy living in the year 1967 (he's about 16). I need people to name me any songs they may know/have that are from the late 60's through the 70's (up til 1976), preferably in the harder rock catagories, for each of these moods:

PLUS, I need a guilty pleasure "omg I would rather DIE than let my friends find out I listen to this" either ballad or just totally uncool song!

If any of you can help that'd be sweet!

Sorry! I didn't mention I didn't try searching for this elsewhere because I'm looking for people's opinions on the music, not just a list of songd from the time period. For all the music knowledge I have I know NOTHING about the 60's-70's rock music and though I'm sure I could search the billboard charts or something, I would never know what would be good. So this question's really a "What do you like " question so I can narrow my choices.

AND the boy lives in England!

ETA: Thanks to everyone who offered up answers and search advice! I totally appreciate it! Now that I have some ideas I can get this fic underway!
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Reasons for being in an asylum/mental ward - DP/DR

Preamble: Excuse me if this is a strange question to ask, but I have a story is set in Japan. A patient suffers from an anxiety disorder (DP/DR). Most relevant Google searches done: mental illness, anxiety disorder, dp/dr treatment. The best website I've come across is but I've read through that and other sites, and haven't been able to answer my question.

Question: A person who is confident and assertive (outwardly), begins to suffer from anxiety disorders or DP/DR caused by the pressures of great expectations. If things got to a head and their inability to function normally could no longer be ignored, would it be plausible for the person would be sent to an asylum for treatment and "hidden away" until they recovered? (It would be disguised as some different sort of injury--a likely candidate for this patient is a sports injury.) All websites/links read mention medication and home-therapy. Is that the only option, or at least, the majority? (If I have missed something on the internet, I would greatly appreciate links!)

Alcoholics tempted by smell?

Story: Contemporary.

Searches include combinations of phrases with the words: alcoholic, smell, breath, temptation. (None of these came close to answering my question and I'm drawing a blank for what might be a more effective search.)

In my story, my protag quit drinking six days ago. He did the cold turkey detox thing on his own (which might not have been the safest or best choice) and is feeling better physically after a few rough days. But, now he is driving his brother and his best friend somewhere, and they are both drunk and smell like alcohol.

I'm trying to figure out how this would affect him. Would the smell make him really want a drink? It seems like people usually think of other people's beer breath as kind of unappealing, but I was thinking he would be tempted by it. I just didn't want to write that detail in if I'm way off here.

Antecdotes are welcome.
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Percentage of Hispanics in Hungary

Strange question I know. And it's only a niggling little detail, but I've tried Googling and didn't get quite what I wanted. Got some really good population stats, but by ethnicity the sites only broke it up into Magyar, Roma, German, and "other." I want to know - if it's possible to find out - what percentage of the population of Hungary are Hispanic (Spain, Mexico, South America, etc).

If anyone knows, or knows what to look for, or can offer any kind of help at all, then I thank you! Much appreciation!

EDIT: The story this is for is a contemporary short story containing a Latino boy who speaks only Hungarian and German.
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protective police detail

Setting is modern day New York City.

My characters have gotten tangled up with a Very Bad Man and thus the police have put them under a 24-hour protective detail. I need a little more information about the police procedure. Would the cops follow my characters around? If a character went to her job, would a cop just linger outside the building?

I've poked around the NYPD website and googled for things like "police procedure" and "protective detail" to no avail, and the mystery writer websites seem to be full of dead links. If anyone could point me to a good site on police procedure or has any ideas about what the procedure might be, I'd appreciate it.