August 10th, 2007

Making you into a dream
  • curtana

Hebrew terms of address

How would a young girl respectfully address an adult man and woman (to whom she is not related) in Hebrew? Would it be appropriate for her to call them something equivalent to 'uncle' and 'aunt', or is there some other way she would refer to them?

I've searched for various combinations of hebrew+address+terms+respectful, but found nothing helpful. This is in the medieval Crimea/ Bosporus region, and the girl in question has been taken in by a Khazar Jewish household. I'm happy to use more modern Hebrew terminology if no one knows about Khazar terms of address, though (if anyone does, I will be even more impressed by this community than I already am!) In any case, I'm not striving for perfect historical accuracy - and this is a fairly little detail indeed :)

Transexual research for fic

I'm working on a character, male-to-female transexual.  Lives in Wales, passing, but the whole hormones / therapy / surgeries routine is not something the NHS dispenses freely, y'know?
Would she be able to get estrogen on the street, or would she rely on a dodgy doc to write her a fake prescription?  What would be the consequences of an overdose?

Being Sent to Prison

Setting: present day, in America.
I've Googled: being sent to prison, first sent to prison, first day in prison, going to prison, prison, etc. 

I need to know the basic process that a person goes through when he's getting ready to transfer from a local jail, (after being booked for a serious crime and given a life sentence) to a state prison, and what a new inmate goes through during his/her first day of being in prison. 

Naruto - KisaSaku love

Concussion affects on second language?

Character A's native language is Russian, but he learned Japanese in his teens. He's now around his late-twenties and recieves a blow to the head resulting in a concussion and brought into a clinic in Japan.

Would he have any difficulty in speaking Japanese after he wakes up because of the concussion? I know there's disorientation and whatnot with that sort of head trauma, but I wasn't able to find any difinitive answers in regards to the language switch.

Googled variations of: concussion and language, head trauma and speech, bilingual concussion, etc.

Any ideas? Educated guesses welcome, just need to know if it sounds possible/believeable outside my head.