August 9th, 2007

Kitty and the Fish

Vampiric Inquiry

After stabbing a vampire through the heart with a pike, must one leave the weapon within the corpse for it to remain dead?

I've searched through tons of terms, but no website I've come across goes into detail on whether or not you have to leave it in. I'm assuming not?

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who posted! You've all been more help than you can possibly imagine. ^^
Do you have the answer?

SOLVED Mummy returns sword

Does anyone know what the name of that crooked-looking sword Oded Fehr uses in The Mummy Returns is? It's the one he uses to cut up a bunch of Anubis warriors. I know it's a real weapon, but I can't remember what it's called.


ETA Thank you everyone. The sword from the movie is a sappara. However, the weapon that I was actually looking for, for which the movie was the closest comparison I had on hand, is actually a khopesh.

New Zealand Details

Greetings! I have a few questions about New Zealand that I haven’t been able to nail down. I probably have more, but these stood up and smacked me in the face:

Breakfast Cereal:

Do ‘Special K’ & ‘Cocoa Puffs’ exist (Any revolting chocolate-flavored kid’s breakfast cereal will suit) in New Zealand?

Abortion Laws:

Can a female get an abortion against the wishes of the father? (an unmarried couple) (and a married one for that matter, in case I change my story.)

I really appreciate it!

Railroad Tracks

How far can creditors go?

Man A marries Wife A.  Throughout the marriage they accrue some pretty bad debt.  Man A and Wife A divorce.  A few years later Man A marries Wife B. 

Question:  Can the creditors go after Wife B for Man A's debt?  If Wife B is a representative for her immediate family's finances can the creditors go after their assets as well?


Sorry! My question did lack crucial info didn't it? I apologize. Well, it takes place in the US of A. Not in any state in particular. Just your random US city. Set in the present. And I believe I got valuable and just the right info I needed. Thank you all very much for answering a sucky question!

I didn't Google anything. This was more of an opinion question as opposed to a factual one.
stressed, now what?, where do I go from here?

Looking for permanent pregnancy health problems....

I have a character who is a healthy 31-year-old female. She becomes pregnant with her third child after two successful, normal pregnancies. I'm needing her to have a permanent health complication (not death) caused by this last pregnancy...but I also need the baby to live and be healthy. I've looked at having gestational diabetes turn to a normal case of it (which can happen on occasion), but the character is in good shape and not overweight, so I don't know how likely this would be to strike her.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

ETA: Thanks for all the helpful comments! I now have a good idea on what I can do with this situation. You guys all rock! :-)