August 8th, 2007

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Gunshots, beating and time in the hospital

Hey there :) I have a couple of questions, both involving physical traumas and stays at the hospital, and I hope you can help me with it since (fortunately) I have experienced none of this. Google hasn't been very useful - English is not my first language so maybe I'm just not making the right questions :/

Case 1: female on her early twenties receives a single gunshot from a weapon very similar to an AK-7 (it's some years in the future but it hasn't been very modificated, since it's supposed to be a cheap option just used by the lowest rank soldiers) from a distance between 50 and 70 metres. The moment she gets shot it's around 0 degrees, she's drunk and high on amphetamines -don't know if that makes any difference- though it is already wearing off. She's 1.70m tall and underweight, and has been a very heavy smoker since she was 13. She'll spend at least 15 minutes unaided and then on a 10 minutes ride by motorbike to the hospital, along a quite bumpy road. I need her condition to be serious enough to threaten her life for a while (two or three days?), and then being forced to stay at the hospital for a couple of weeks, but have absolutely no idea about where or what kind of damage would be best for that :/

Case 2: pre-teenager female, though an hormonal disorder stopped her growth at 8. She gets badly beaten by four other kids around 12, kicked and banged against a wall, until she passed out. As in the first case I just don't know what kind of injuries would make necessary a stay in the hospital. In this case, also, I need it to be serious but not extremely dangerous to her life -like three days would be enough but the doctors will decide on her staying a little bit more though it's not really necessary, just to keep her out of reach. Would some broken ribs be enough?

Thanks in advance :)
Spock writing fanfic

Military career in the UK (1950-80)

Hi! Before asking my questions, I'd like to thank anyone who answered my previous one (regarding Japanese stories on how children are born): I kinda didn't expect all those answers and I didn't thank whom I had to. Sorry. Thank you very much, you've been precious!

Then on the matter. My story is set in the 1980s. I have a minor character who was in the RAF (or other kind of army) for 30 years before retiring, and I'd like to add some general information about his life, nothing too specific. And these are the questions:

1. Is it credible that he retired around the age of 50? I can't have him older than this. I suppose that he entered the RAF when he came of age (in the 1950s). As a 50-year-old, he seems a little too young to me to retire, but he would be a sort of veteran or something like that.

2. What would his grade be after 30 years of service? I can imagine that it may depends on his career itself, but I don't need it to be very accurate, I'd just like to find something credible.

3. Err, this is embarrassing. I kinda suck at contemporary history, so... any war involving the UK he could have been sent to? In the period 1950-1980? I thought about IRA, but that was all I could think of.

I tried to google "britain history", "contemporary british history", I read Wikipedia's page about UK and other things related, but it wasn't very useful. Thanks in advance!

Many thanks to everyone who helped me out with this thing! Your help has been greatly appreciated!

getting drunk on cheap wine

I'm a teetotaller, myself, but my characters drink fairly regularly, and I need to figure out how much wine will get one of them into what condition. (British, late 1970's source for the fanfiction, if it matters.)

Starting with two guys, both around 6 feet tall, one in his early thirties and works out regularly, including the martial arts, the second in his late forties, early fifties, in good shape as well, but beginning to fight the battle of the midriff. They've had a long exciting couple of days, during which both of them have nearly gotten killed a couple of times, and now they've got a gallon jug of cheap California wine and a dinner of Welsh rabbit to get through so I can write my nice angsty little conversation.

I can find the stages of intoxication on the web, and "standard" drink sizes, but I can't find anything which gives me a solid idea of how much wine it takes to each of the stages, or how much of the gallon might be left by the time they're both more interested in passing out than talking. And since I don't drink, my ideas of what points they might start getting shaky or slurring speech are based on movies, not experience. And I've no clue about whether or not the wine is likely to get regular drinker's very soppy.

Anyone out there ever get drunk on cheap wine? What was it like? Are there details (like how soon a trip to the loo might become advisable) which would be good to know about?


ETA: I know the gallon jug of cheap California rose is odd for the time and place -- it was a gift to the older man from a clueless neighbor and is the tipple of choice for the night only because it is there, and the younger character started in on it because he didn't want to waste anything good on a truly awful mood. But thanks to everyone that confirmed that the stuff wouldn't be treated with any kind of respect!