August 5th, 2007


I've tried researching these on the net, but either my google-fu sucks or they're too broad, maybe? Anyway, I'm hoping this community will be helpful. (And it's my first time posting, so if I've screwed up, please let me know.)

1. Do teachers receive a paycheck throughout the year, or just while school is in session?

2. What do teachers have to do during the summer? What are they required to do, is what I'm asking, I guess. Do they have to show up for meetings, put in a required number of hours during the off-months? (I realize this is rather vague, but I'm totally ignorant.)

Setting is not yet determined, aside from the fact that it's in present-day America, but CANNOT be set in a big city like Los Angeles or New York City, etc. I'll probably invent a fictional town, but if you know anything about teaching in a small(ish) town, I'd be grateful for anything you can give me.
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Camping on a beach in Sicily, spring 1968

My story is about a man in his mid-twenties who is hitchhiking around Europe in 1968. The day that Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot, he's camping out (by which I mean sleeping, because he just has a sleeping bag, no tent) on a beach in Sicily. I want to know what that would be like. So,

What would a beach in Sicily look like? Rocks? Sand? Weather in April?
What kind of law enforcement issues would come into play? Would sleeping there have been legal?
What peculiar things that I don't know anything about would be...circumstantial necessities, &c. based on the situation?

Sorry for the vagueness. Anything anyone knows about this, especially personal experience or friends' anecdotes or even fictional accounts of similar experiences, would be great. Thank you!

Rumors/Facts in Edo, 1863-5

I'm writing a story that is set in Edo/Tokyo in the 1860s and 70s. Referenced in it are the rumors and facts concerning the revoluton happening in Kyoto around that time. As to what I've researched, I've read the articles on Edo, Bakumatsu, and skimmed or read most of the linked articles within on Wiki and have googled various terms like 'rumors in edo 1864,' et cetera, et cetera.

What I need is this:

What sort of rumors would be flying around Edo concerning the events in Kyoto in the time from 1863-65 (or even up until the start of the Meiji era)? What, if any, hard facts would be known? How much awareness was there about the late Bakumatsu in Edo?

I have had the hardest time finding information about this aspect of the era, and if anyone can give me info, or, even better, point me to a book or site that may have some information on this, I would really appreciate it. It's probably right in front of my nose and I just haven't noticed it yet, but if anyone could shed some light on the subject that would be wonderful.

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