August 2nd, 2007

Calling an AA Sponsor.

Character has been in rehab a couple of times for alcohol problems. AA member. At this point in time, he's been sober for three months. He gets some very shocking/upsetting news, and panics. To avoid having a drink, which is his natural response, he phones his sponsor.

What kind of things would the sponsor say to him/do for him? What questions would be asked/suggestions made? Or would it be too dependent on the people involved to get an answer on that?
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School Leaving Age In England

Okay, I'm English, but I moved to Scotland when I was fourteen and as a result of this my understanding of the English education system is pretty much limited to the years up to Year 9.

Story is set modern day (though an exact year isn't given, it's not particularly relevant here).

My character was born on the 27th of March so I'm assuming that she would be able to start school the year that she turned four (because intake is for those who are at least four on the first of September). Meaning that she starts school at four and a half (heh, like me... never realised that).

The story begins in the summer after her seventeenth birthday, I can't change her age because it's a major plot point later when she celebrates her eighteenth birthday.

What stage is she likely to be at by this point? I was thinking A levels or AS levels. Am I right?

I was thinking about having her leave school. In Scotland because of the way that the month for incoming students works you can be seventeen when you leave school. Would be be able to apply to universities and so be able to spend the summer preparing to go to Uni?

Of course she's not going to make it there, due to a family tragedy, would she be able to hold off her final year at school because of this? Maybe go to college after she's had time to get over things.

This Wikipedia page makes me think that I could have her going to a Sixth Form College and then have her hold off a year to get everything together.

Thanks in advance for any help.


ETA: All sorted now, thanks.

Random movie facts/props

Does anyone know what kind of car Jim Halsey was driving in the original movie of The Hitcher?

I have a character who's much more of a movie nerd than I am, and he wants to reference it in when he gets himself into a similar situation. All I've been able to find is that it's a nice car that belonged to a friend and he was going to San Diego.

Search terms I've used have been:
"the hitcher" +1986 +car
and I've added in "hauer" "howell" "rutger hauer" "c. thomas howell" "jennifer jason leigh" (all actors from that specific version)
but I still get a lot of references to the 2007 remake, which had an Oldsmobile 442.

If there are any random movie fact websites that have otherwise useless information on older movies (especially thriller/horror sort of movies, since that's what my character insists on liking) that would have this or similar information I would also appreciate a link to those so then I can go there and find something to suit his ridiculously niche tastes.

Thank you in advance.

looking for a place to locate my story.

I'm starting a new story, and wanting to do things right, I'm gonna need some help concerning the scene where it will take place.

The story is set in present time, in America. It has to be on the coast, but can be anywhere, be it pacific or atlantic coast. But I need it to be a small village ( perhaps fishing village ), with a seashore around, and there must be storms, rain and fog. Something mysterious and very irish. Or Newfoundland-ish.

There must be a big town nearby, with a university.

I've done researches, but as I know close to nothing about american landscapes ( only what I saw in the movies and on Tv ) it was really short. I found that New England or Maine could provide me with that kind of landscape, but would there be any college town nearby the coast ? Nothing too big.

Also, it would be awesome if there was a dark past about the village. Like, violent deaths, murders, ... If not, it's fine, I'll make something up, but it could increase my story's credibility.

I already found a few legends about lighthouse ghosts over at but nothing violent enough to suggest recent murders that would require investigating.

Thank you for your help.

ETA :  I'm gonna go for Isle au Haut, Maine ( Knox County ). It has everything I was looking for, including The B&B at the Lighthouse's Keeper's house I was so dreaming about but thought I would have to make up. Thank you everyone for your help, you've been awesome.