July 22nd, 2007

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Japanese emperor's birthday

I know that December 23rd (the emperor's birthday) there are celebrations in honour of the emperor, the royal family collects itself, the palace grounds are open and the emperor makes several more appearances during the day.
And that's all I know and I could find, not a summary of what I know.
So, if possible, I'd like to have more info about it.
Apart from visiting the palace ground what people does to celebrate?
How is organized the whole visiting palace ground? (people just enter in it as they please, they're checked one after the other, they enter in small groups)
How are organized the apparitions? (the emperor shows up from a balcony, he walks through the people, he just has some sort of place to stay in and show himself, he watches people from a window...)
Is there also a party for the emperor at which can take part important people? (politicians, assorted nobility, rich guys, people the emperor saw fit to invite, religious figures, and so on...)
If there's a party how does it work? (like any normal party or it has a strict procedure)
How does the emperor take part at it if he does? (he shows himself and chat friendly around, he sits on a throne and people are introduced to him, he shows at the beginning/end/middle of the party...)
How does people make him their birthday wishes?
What's the proper etiquette to do so?

THANK YOU A LOT to anyone who can help!
Silence is Best

Unsolved Questions of History

I need to list a number of unsolved mysteries throughout history, particularly the obscure ones that no one knows about. I am aware of all the typical ones, and in particular need ones outside the USA, during any time period. I am not thinking of just unsolved murders, but any arcane and little known historical controversies. Can anyone suggest any? Thanks.

Voluntary Change of Body Temperature

Right. I'm writing fantasy set in another world, and I have a race which can raise its body temperature very high (high enough to set things on fire with a touch) at will or bring it back from a raised state to 'normal', which is about 102 F. Magic is involved, and can explain more or less of the ability as I need it to; however, I like to have as much basis in the theoretically possible as I can, so I have a few questions.

1. I hear about experiments wherein humans can raise/lower digital body temperature at will with biofeedback (these were mostly what came up in my search, but in terms which were less than helpful to me). Can anyone tell me what it actually feels like to do this? Is it like one is 'willing' the temperature to change, concentrating on the digit, or what? Does it change the appearance of the digit at all? Does anyone know what is actually physically happening when this occurs? (Where does the heat come from? The bloodstream? If so, where does it enter the bloodstream? Is the temperature change just on the surface or a thin layer of skin or the whole digit?) Also: If the temperature is raised as a panic response or such, and thus is less controlled, is it likely to begin or be concentrated in one area? If so, where - the core of the body? One of the POV characters is a member of this race, so the way it feels to raise/lower one's own body temperature is particularly important.

2. The race has large, batlike wings; it seems to me that spreading out the wings could be used to help cool down, especially if the heat is actually carried in the bloodstream. There may be animals which do things similar to this already; I know that at least one sail-backed species of dinosaur is theorized to have used such a mechanism to maintain body temperature. Anything else I should know about this idea?

3. Beyond the fact that this race is uncomfortable being cold and burns a lot of calories when heating up, thus requiring more food than similar races without the ability, are there other things they should do differently?

I have searched variations of 'voluntarily raise temperature' and 'voluntary change body temperature', etc.

Thank you!