July 17th, 2007

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question about certain minerals

I have a few questions about calcium and copper. 

1- I know that copper is found in the blood of animals, but I was wondering what animal's blood contains the highest amount of copper?

2- I know that calcium is not found on its own in nature, but it occurs in different minerals (ex. calcite, dolomite, garnets, pyroxenes, etc). Which mineral contains the most traces of calcium?

any info at all would be greatly appreciated. thank you!
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Law Enforcement term for catalog of gang tattoos, database

Setting:  Dallas in the 1990s

This information is being used for a crime/law enforcement story line.  The MC is trying to trace the origins of a series of brands/tattoos found on murder victims, the most recent of which was a stripper.  He suspects, because the markings also turned up on an abandoned infant and a small child confiscated from a flop house, that this might be a human trafficking ring.  I want him comparing photos from the crime scenes and police reports to photos of gang tattoos but I cannot remember what that catalog is called or which criminal database(s) it comes from.

Search terms used:  gang tattoos, gang identification, gang behavior, cataloging, law enforcement references, gang tattoo database, tagging

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I need the following information:

- history of the NGIC (pertinent data would include when it was founded so I can determine if its use is suitable for this story at all)

- if such database exists and whether or not it would be accessible to standard law enforcement officers

- an actual visual catalog of known gang tattoos or tagging would be helpful but not necessary

- if the organization post-dates my story time line, are there instances of individual metro areas having such databases (I can still write the story with plausibility)
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MOD POST: slight rule tweak

This hasn't been an issue, but I'd like to put it on the user info before it becomes one. One of the listed "bannning offenses" is deleting other people's comments--which does include deleting your own entries if other people have already commented.

That's not mentioned explicitly on the user info so I'm changing the wording to:
The things that you can be banned for include, but are not limited to: deleting or screening other people's comments, deleting your own posts if that will wipe out other people's comments, attacking other members' choice of subject matter, using racial or sexual slurs...
Is that clear? If it's not, any suggestions?

(I added the screening bit because although it should be common sense, it actually isn't.)

I know that sometimes there are good reasons to delete your own posts, and I'm not going to get on anyone's case about that. If you find out that you're possibly spoiling a gift fic idea, or post to the wrong community, or whatever--that's okay. This is mainly just to address people deleting because they don't like what's being said.
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Wedding invitations

Setting: US, Modern day, maye a few years to the future, Wisconsin most likely but state may change.

Atrttempted research: Wikipedia wedding invitations, history of wedding invitations, google "traditional wedding intvitations," "wedding invitation examples" - but i keep comingt up with stationery companies and only finding ewxamples from the UK *is weak in the google*

Question: I keep finding links like this to how to word a formal wedding invitation, except, none of them seem to cover the situation I have in the story: http://www.thedoo.co.uk/yourwords.asp

the wedding is a very traditional white wedding, very "Picture perfect"- and hosted by the groom's widowed father since the bride's parents are moSt definitely out of the picture - it is a green card marriage between good friends. How would the formal invitation to a wedding hosted by the groom's parents, or in this case, jsut the groom's father, be worded? Would it be something along thte lines of, "Mr. Soandso invites you to the wedding of his son X to miss Y, at this time at that location"? Or would they, despite the groom;s father paying for everything etc. go for the kind of an invitation that is worded in a way that the couple themslves are hosting the wedding? It is v. importnat to the father to keep up appeearances about the matter - that his son is not marrying someone jsut to make sure they can stick around and not have to go back home.

will clarify if this does not make sense.
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A movie name

Help! I need names of a somewhat well-known movies that shows a mother's sacrifice to her family. Things she does out of love and commitment. A tear-jerker! It would be even better if she died during the actual movie.

Can anyone think of anything? I've Google'd all kinds of things and haven't come up with anything useful.


Canadian Prime Minister's physical office

Does the Canadian Prime Minister have a recognizeable office like the US President's oval office? Would it be something one might conceivably see on television, for ceremonies and whatnot, something a politically aware teenage boy would be at least marginally familiar with? What's it like? Is there an anteroom of some sort or would you go in off the hallway? How close is it to the area that tours of the building get taken on?

Bonus points: Would this official office have been around and used in 1988? My time period is flexible, but that's the ideal date.

I've searched a bunch of Canadian government websites, the comm's memories, and googled things like canadian prime minister office official decor, etc. But most of what I come up with is more about "the office of the prime minister" as a philosophical designation. :D
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Transcripts of Suicide Bomber's Final Statements

Hello, all

I'm hitting a brick wall in my search, using various permutations of suicide bomber last words martyrdom tape and transcript.

What I'm looking for is decent English transcripts of videotaped final statements by suicide bombers before they depart for their mission. Those of you that have seen the movie Syriana will know what I'm talking about. I've already found some press releases from assorted terrorist groups that give me the propaganda and recruiting duckspeak, but I've had no luck finding last words of the kids that fall for all that crap.

Many thanks.