July 16th, 2007


'Good Luck' in Mandarin

I've been told that 加油 (jia you) is used figuratively to mean "good luck" in Mandarin.

My question is whether this is an appropriate way to wish someone good luck before they do something. Specifically, I have a character who's about to leave on a military mission, and one of their comrades is wishing them good luck. Is 加油 out of place there? (If it helps, the characters are on friendly terms.) If it's not appropriate, what is?

Entering a house

Time & place don't matter

I've searched Google with various combinations including entering, searching, houses, door. Looked at crime scene investigation sites, police training sites, FBI's site, and anything vaguely interesting looking on 3 different directories of "law enforcement links"

I'm looking for information about how to enter a house where there might be an armed gunman - procedures, recommendations, things to not do.

Character works for a futuristic law-enforcement agency and he insists they have procedures for situations like this, but do you think he'll tell me what they are?