July 11th, 2007

mary janes
  • argosy

Plastic Surgery

My character is a teenage girl getting facial cosmetic surgery in a modern well-equipped hospital. Laying aside ethical considerations, I need her to get a lot of surgery--many procedures. I'd like her to have a nose job and cheek implants, but what is the most procedures they would be likely to do at one time? For me, the more the better. Also, how long would the operation(s) be likely to last? Again, longer is better.

She can be getting any kind of procedures--ear tucks, chin implant, etc., but my most important question is this... What kind of unusual (the more unusual the better) complication can arise during surgery to put her in danger during the operation? Just during surgery, afterwards she will be fine. I'd really like the danger to come as a consequence or be part of the surgical procedure, rather than an anesthesia reaction.

I've managed to come up with a lot on google for different kinds of surgeries, but not much for my other questions. Any help is hugely appreciated.

Timeline For Catholic Sisterhood

I'm writing a story with a character who is going through the process of becoming a Catholic Sister, specifically of the Ursuline Sister.

I know there are different phases in becoming a sister (Affiliacy, Candidacy, Novitiate) and according to the official Ursuline website, Candidacy lasts for two years.

What I would like to know is if a young woman starts her Affiliacy at age 18, how long might the process last and at what point would she become a full Sister?

Also, how does the mass or ceremony of becoming a sister actually work?

Thanks! :)