July 10th, 2007


Seedy Urban Parks

Time: present day
Place: LA, California (although it could be any big city)

I'm trying to figure out what a park in a very bad neighbourhood would be like at nightfall. Do the gang members/junkies/homeless people make a lot of noise and carouse, or does everybody sneak around in the foliage, or what? Any authentic details would be appreciated, as my two characters are stuck on a park bench, and I need to plan what happens to them next. :0)

Music in the Prisons

I'm not sure how to research this online, and any input would be very welcome!

I am aware of Johnny Cash's famous Live At Folsom Prison record--he played live in a prison, for the inmates, and it was recorded. I am wondering if anything of that sort might happen at a very different place and time: I have in my story a band in England in 1977 who would really love to do the same type of thing. Is this at all realistic? Or, if not at a prison, would be allowed at a juvenile correctional facility?

Thanks everybody, this has given me some good ideas.
I know technologies

Catnip's effects on humans

This is my first time asking for help here, so I apologize in advance if I do it wrong.

I was wondering where I might find information on catnip's effect on humans or other non-feline animals. I learned from a cursory look at wikipedia that it has mild psychoactive properties, but nothing more. What sort of effect does it have, and what chemical in the plant causes it?

From a thorough googling, I've gotten plenty of information on how it affects cats, but not much else. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!