July 9th, 2007

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Crossdressing for a job/passing off as a girl?

Setting: Present day

Okay, I have this possible character (we'll call him Pat for now) in his teens early twenties who has a small frame, what would be called feminine characteristics, and who has a quiet personality. The premise was this:

- That he would only crossdress for his job, not for his own reasons. But what jobs would require him to cross dress? All I could think of was at a club, modeling, or in theatre performance of some sort.

- That he would be mistaken to be an actual girl by another man. If Pat was dressed up well (like even disguised as a girl with a wig and such), how likely is it for the other guy to not realize it's Pat? He wouldn't know Pat that well, so it's not like he'd recognize mannerisms and such right away.

Thank you for all your help. I tried to google any possibilities, but it mostly came up for those who normally crossdress, not do it for their work.

EDIT: Thank you so much everybody! I never expected so many helpful responses so fast! +_+ <3

Islamic rules and myths about animals

Alright, so, what I need are Islamic/Middle Eastern myths about 'bad' animals.

Like, Christianity has the snake as being bad, and the lamb being the sacrifice...

I've seen this Wiki article and am still searching but I need some actual myths and possibly "rules" concerning animals in Islam.

Most especially regarding anything like dragons, hippogryffs, gryphons, or unicorns.

Serbian folk songs

My Google-fu has failed me so far in my search; I've looked up 'Serbian folk songs', 'Serbian folk songs' lyrics, and even the title of the specific song and gotten nothing. So, here we go.

I desperately need English translations for the Serbian folk song, "Come, my dearest, why so sad this morning?". This song is mostly known for being one of two folk songs used as the basis for Tchaikovsky's Slavonic March.

Any help would be absolutely wonderful and would earn my undying gratitude. Thank you so much!