July 6th, 2007

MOD POST: tags again

Those of you who have been tagging posts have been a great help. Maybe one day most of this comm will be searchable!

However, to make it easier for me to keep the tags list somewhat clean, I've changed the settings a bit. Now you can add tags, but you can't create new ones. This is to cut down on duplicates and mispellings, primarily. I've created a tag called "no category" for you to use if you think I need to create a tag for a post.

A note about LJ's tagging restrictions that you really don't have to read, but will probably want to if you plan to tag a lot of posts hereCollapse )

A-Levels: Resitting

Hi, I can't find this information anywhere: are there special provisions for resitting A-levels if someone missed ALL of their exams due to severe illness or injury (as in, in the hospital in a coma)? Or is it the same as if they want to resit them because they did poorly?

ETA: I googled for "a-levels"+resit and many versions thereof, hounded Wikipedia, and looked on many many sites linked from Google results. +injury instead leads to things about proteins, illness from what I can tell talks about if illness kept you from doing well on your A-levels, and then more proteins.

Alright, all fixed and known. Thanks!

A name for this civilisation theory?

I've had trouble googling this because it's hard to be specific.

There are theories that we have attained civilization before but through some catastrophe relapsed back into barbarism, only to start from scratch again. Does anyone know if there is a title for this theory (e.g. lost civilisation theory)? I'm trying to slip it into a conversation between intellectuals.