July 3rd, 2007

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local NY hotspots

Hey guys, I have a question for any local New Yorkers out there.

I have a character who has been attending NYU for two years - just long enough to know a couple of fun local places in New York that tourists might not be aware of. Her parents attend her graduation and she takes them to a couple of local places - does anyone have any particular restaurants or fun places that they like to go to and that would be appropriate for parents?

I appreciate the help.

P.S. I tried googling, but I came up short. I think personal favorite places would be better information.

Edit: My character is a typical 22-year college student with typical parents - she and her parents are middle-class people who eat at restaurants, visit museums, and do other typical things. Nothing extraordinary about them, just typical.

On Infertility and Obtaining Embalming Fluid

First time here, it came reccommended to me by a fellow author, but I feel good about it!

Well, I have two issues in the same piece of fiction I'm writing.

One: I need to know if there's a type of infertility that's hereditary, but recessive in males. One of the main characters has just married and is upset because her husband wants children, so hasn't told him she's near infertile, through a condition passed from her father. (the father himself was a miracle conception, I've yet to work the kinks out of it) All the women on her father's side have fertility issues. I tried searching different medical sites, but can't find any fertility conditions that fit the bill.

Two: A different character has been keeping a corpse in his room. (Creepy kid.) Others helped him embalm her in a bathtub of embalming fluid, and while they went out of town to obtain the stuff, I need to know what a legal reason would be to buy an assload of it if you're not a legal mortician or medical examiner of some kind. This is keeping with the American legal system.

Thank you much for any suggestions!

ETA: Thank you all very much for your advice and helpful tidbits. I'll find myself coming here often! Huzzah!

Midshipmen and nursing training in the 1940s

This is a bit of an obscure question:

At what age would it be possible to see active service as a midshipman during the Royal Navy in WWII? Would it have been 18, or could it have been younger? I thought that boys who had been naval cadets might go to sea younger, would that be right?
Searches: I tried various combinations of Royal Navy/active service/cadets/Dartmouth/Royal Naval College/WWII

How long would it take to train as a nurse in the late 1940s, and at what age would you start? Searches tried: "nursing training, length, age, 1940s"