June 23rd, 2007

Death in absentia and allowance in Japan

1) I have a 33-year-old man from contemporary Tokyo who disappears off the face of the earth (literally, actually). In the beginning of December, the man stops going to work, but many people have seen him alive and well after that. He is last seen on December 31st, and after that, his whereabouts are unknown. (Well, to most. There's a group of children that saw what happened to him, but what happened is so bizarre and fantastic no one would ever believe them).

How long will it be until he will be declared legally dead? I've seen seven years for the US, but couldn't find anything conclusive for Japan.

2) How common it is for Japanese parents to give their children an allowance? What would be considered a decent weekly allowance for the average 11-year-old? And the average 16-year-old? When do parents start giving their kids an allowance, anyway? I know it's very individual, but I'm looking for average stats.

Question: Loch Ness/Urquhart Castle in 1994

I have searched every term on Google I could think of for this, but unfortunately, I cannot find this information: How far from Urquhart Castle was the small Loch Ness visitor's center in 1994?

There is a new (large) center now, erected in 2000, in Drumnadrochit. Is that where the old one was? Does anyone have any photos?

I don't know if there's anyone who can help me with this obscure information, but I shall valiantly maintain hope!

(Edit: I am FAIRLY sure that the structure I'm referencing was called "Center for Loch Ness Study," although that brings up nothing on Google. It had signs around it saying where the "Exhibition" was.)