June 21st, 2007


Guns, bullets and exit wounds.

I'm in the early stages of a story where I'm trying out various notions and trying to pin down little, but important details. And, well, I know so very little about guns that I have a hard time getting (and recognizing) useful results when I google, so I hope you guys can help me with this one.

America, as far back as Prohibition-era and up to today-ish. I'm really very relaxed about when this incident takes place so long as I can make it work.

We have a detective of some sort, either a cop or a PI. He gets too close to something that the bad guys don't want him too close to, as one does. So the Head Bad Guy sends an underling to get our detective out of way, permanently. Our guy is shot in the head from a distance. I know that generally one aims for the chest, but assume the detective moves or the shooter is some hotshot showoff. Whatever works for you. (The only real importance of the bullet to the head is that it gives me a solid excuse to have him wear hats. I like hats. It's not a terribly serious story-idea; I just like to have my facts straight, you know?) In any case, our detective is dead, but not for very long. It's rather important to me (and him) that his head remains, uhm, structually sound. So I'm looking to make sure that whatever the shooter uses, the entrance and exit wounds aren't ginormous. And can be easily covered by a jaunty hat.

So, what's your favorite gun for long-distance shooting with small enter/exit wounds?

Major Arterial Wounds

I've searched through the tags and via Google, a medical journal or two, and Wikipedia, and first aid sites, and no dice. Plus I think is a good question for anyone who's prone to having their characters stabbed in unorthodox places.

My question is: Where are the major arteries located in the body, and how long would it take to bleed out from one if it's been severed? Would you lose consciousness prior to death? Does it matter if the person is sitting, standing, or laying down?

None of the sites really say "You have about thirty seconds to stop the bleeding before s/he's toast," which is kinda what I'm looking for. They seem to opt more for the soothing advice route, which is helpful in an emergency, but not when I need to write.

Thanks for your help!

John Deere 1770NT CCS 16Row30 ProXP Planter

Would anyone happen to know about how much this farm device would retail for currently:

John Deere 1770NT CCS 16Row30 ProXP Planter ?


I looked in-depth at the US John Deere official website and missed (if there) any official listing of ballpark price much less an official retail price for these devices.

I have a character who is 15 and writing on (in the story!) his online blog about how his dad spent just about all the money they have on a planter . . . he lives on a small family farm that is in bad shape financially in Texas. The planter is used further into the story as a metaphor for investing all your hope at great cost (fiscal or otherwise) in just one option or plan.

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