June 15th, 2007

Pavel Chekov

Effects immediately following a hanging

Okay, kind of a morbid question here, and probably a stupid one as well.

In the script I am writing I have a grown man of 50 who is hanged using a belt, but released when he is unconcious but not dead. He is found maybe five or six hours later. (By NHS paramedics, if that is relevant).

Is it concievable that the human body would still be quite weak and/or injured following such treatment within this timeframe, or do the effects of hanging actually wear of quickly once a person can breath again?

I'm guessing that it is the former, but I have a nagging doubt that it might be the latter. I don't know enough about biology and human medical science to decide and understandably it is not something I want to experiment with *LOL*
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Practicing medicine witohut a licence in the UK

What is the punishment for practicing medicine witohut a licence in the UK? Prison? A fine? How many years?

The one doing it has only done it once, when she treated a gunshot wound instead of helping the wounded to the A&E. When the wound was infected, she brought him to A&E and admitted that it had been her treating him before. She's eighteen. The police know how the boy got shot and knows that he had not been involved in anything illegal, so the only trouble they have with the law is her "problem".

Searches done:
looked around www.lawcom.gov.uk/, googled "UK law", "medicine witohut a licence/license", "UK law medicine without a licence" and couldn't find anything I needed.
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Baroque opera performance times

I have no idea how to go about searching for this... Various combinations of baroque, opera, theater, and performance only give me information on baroque performance techniques and styles and such.

What I'm trying to find is what time of day operas were usually performed during the early 1700's (Italy, if it makes any difference). Were they usually in the evening, after dinner, like they are nowadays? Or were they mostly in the morning, or afternoon, or at whatever time people felt like it?