June 12th, 2007


hair bleaching and dugout canoes

Setting is fantasy, with a similar technology level to Victorian England, although not identical (so if something wasn't available then but could have been feel free to suggest it). My main character has a scientific background and a reasonable amount of equipment at his disposal.

1) I don't know if there's an answer that fits the criteria, but character is going to need to make a dugout canoe a long way from home (or anything really) and I assume this will need to be sealed. He is prepared to do this in advance, but he can't carry anything too heavy (as he has to carry that and a child on a long walk). He can use something in his natural environment but he only knows it second hand, from books and the like.

So either something that can be spread thinly so he could fit in a medium sized flask or that he can find and extract easily.

Or would a canoe survive a several hour long trip without being sealed?

2) He needs to bleach his son's hair. Lemon juice is not an option (and I suspect it wouldn't be strong enough). I have a feeling that urine would work but I'd like to avoid it if at all possible. Ideas?

(I've tried googling both, but they either bring up answers involving modern equipment or for (1) don't mention sealing unless I google it specifically, in which case it takes it to mean seal hunting)

Many thanks
[Etc] Polar Bear

Injuries From a High Fall

I've tried many different phrases ("injuries from falling off a roof," "falling from a building," etc.), but none of them are giving me the information I'm looking for.

I have a character who has fallen approximately 15 feet (4.5 meters) from a building. The setting is modern day America. What types of injuries would be received from this? What treatments would be used for such injuries as well?

Also the setting is in a deserted area so the character would be driven to a hospital by someone else. How long of a drive could the injured character sustain before serious damage would occur?

I'd like the character to have a recovery time of approximately three months with a moderate to full recovery at the end of that time frame (at least enough that he can function on his own). Would 15 feet be too high for such a short recovery time?

ETA: Thanks to everyone for their helpful answers. This has really given me something to think about in how to write the scene properly now. Thank you!