June 7th, 2007

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Gunshot wounds... again!

Setting: Modern England

Searches tried: googled different combinations of "gunshot wound infection", "emergency triage", "emergency treatment surgery", "prepping emergency surgery" (I got a lot about ferrets, little about humans).

Problem 1:
Is this plausible: A boy (Kai) is shot in the leg at 20:00 day 1, the bleeding is stopped soon after and the wound stitched up by someone who knows what they are doing. But the bullet is still in the leg, and he has some nerve damage. He is drugged down on a combination of Xylocaine and morphine for two days before they bring him to the emergency room. Can he get an infection during those two days serious enough for him to have a fever? I'm giving the fever and him being unresponsive as the reason why he's brought to the ER, but I'm not sure if it can happen that fast...

Problem 2:
When he arrives at the ER, after the neccesary tests are taken and allergies cleared with his sister, how soon will he be operated on? He is drugged down, so they can't know how badly damaged the leg is, and he's got a fever.

More general; what will they do to him? Put him on fluids or IV (he hasn't eaten for the last day, and is becoming dehydrated)? Give him a catheter? Put him in a bed and let the infection clear before surgery or cut him open?

Japanese translation

I know there used to be a translation community on the info page for this community, and maybe I'm not seeing it, if I'm being blind please point me there. If not, I just need a little assistence. I just want to make sure I've got this put together correctly.

I'm hoping that this says "kogakure no sato" and that it means Village of the Hidden Lake. I used this really awsome online dictionary, so I'm fairly sure the words and characters are correct, I'm mostly just wondering about the syntax and grammar of the words. Any assistence will be loved!
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Hospital Bills

Time: Present day, New Jersey, USA
Setting: Hospital. Or to be specific, a teaching hospital.

If a insurance company, or a third party investigator seeks to audit a client's hospital bill, which department of the hospital would they have to co-ordinate with? Do hospitals generally have specialized staff dealing with the same?

Googling only leads to further confusion. *sigh*
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Humans with souls?

My story is a fantasy set in a roughly modern day world, which for the sake of argument, is exactly like ours except for the ways in which it's different (you know what I mean).

I have a group of people responsible for "the dispatch of souls from this world"
There's a section where I talk about how well established and respectable they are, and how revered they are in the world they inhabit. Somebody will say something along the lines of "Going strong since [Date], impressive!" Or, "[blank number] years, eh? Wonderful."

The thing is, I'm wanting them to deal with "human" souls, but I'm really not sure when that would have come about. I mean obviously I could research Homo Sapiens and use the date from which they existed, but I was wondering how anybody else would define "humans with souls" I mean, in terms of evoltuion just how less developed were our closest ancestors? Does anybody have any idea from when I could count "human souls" as having existed.

I know I could just make it up, it being a fantasy world and it would be easier if they'd been conveniently put into place by some higher power, but I'd feel better if my scenario was closer to our world.

Googling tends to just get me religious arguments (which is hardly surprising, as the soul is a religious concept). In my world I'm thinking God won't exist as anything more than a great deal of energy, so they don't help me very much

Any opinions or theories are very welcome. I'm a bit stuck.

Losing virginity for girls

I don't think this has been answered here yet. I'm writing a scene where a girl loses her virginity. I would like to know how many girls do/don't have an orgasm the first time they have sex, and how many feel pain from their hymen. I Googled different phrases, but I found a lot of porn sites and sketchy information. Not what I'm looking for. So... if you want to help, please share what you know. You can post anonymously. Thanks!

ETA: Thanks so much for all the replies! This will be a big help in writing my scene.