June 6th, 2007

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watering the lawn with a sprinkler system in the 1920's era?

Would a wealthy family in the USA, circa 1920's, use a sprinkler for watering their lawn?
The device was patented in 1897, but was it commonly used by the 20's? Or was it too common, and would have been eschewed by the rich?

I don't mean "is this feasible" but "would this have been likely". These people have cooks, butlers, and maids - they're not going to do anything that would lower social status. On the other hand, if it's a little bit of a fad (but not too much!), they are very likely to do it.


I've Googled "lawn sprinklers" + "common", "popular usage" "1920's" and "in vogue".
(Here's what I mean, in case it's unclear: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irrigation_sprinkler.)
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Name of Specific Gods.

Setting: Fantasy Middle Ages (along the lines of Tamora Pierce's Tortall or the setting for the game series of Fire Emblem).
Terms Google'd/Wiki'd: God of North, God of Swords, God of Hunting, God of War , God of Snow, Constellations (and many variations of those)

So, I'm trying to write a story. But I'm working out all the basic details before I actually write anything else. And I'm having a lot of trouble naming one of the main characters. I'm hoping to name him after a God (considering the other main character is named after a god of sorts).

Could anyone tell me the names of Gods (or constellations) related to (ideally) sword fighting (this could also include fighting or smiting), war, hunting, the North, Snow, ect.

I know this is a really lame question, but I got overwhelmed trying to use Wikipedia, and Google didn't produce anything useful. What I’m looking for it a bit too specific for those to be helpful.

Unrelated question for the same story: Is there a feminine version of the name 'Jupiter' or something I could substitute it for?

Thank you in advance for your help!

This is my first post. I hope it's okay...?


the effects of an erection/arousal while "tucked"

Hello, gentlemen and ladies of this community!

I've read various crossdressing/crossplay forums and Googled for "erection while tucked" and various permutations thereof (usually the addition or subtraction of words such as "crossdress" and "trans"), but I haven't quite found the answer to my question.

Basically, I need to know what happens when a cross-dresser has an erection or becomes aroused while tucked--not taped. Is it painful? Will it ruin his tuck? What's going to happen, here? He'll be wearing women's panties as well as hose, if that matters. According to my research a pro can apparently learn to repress his/her erections (?!), but my character isn't quite that experienced.

Thank you so very much, and I look forward to your answers!

Criminal funerals.

I have a character, who is a recently escaped convict, that ended up getting killed. The story takes place in modern day United States, and I've done a few searches on both Google and Wikipedia about funerals and criminal funerals, with varying keywords. The closest thing I've discovered was on Wikipedia about private funerals, but that just dealt with criminals that have served their full term in prison. And Google just gave me links to news articles that didn't even relate to what I was looking for. What I was wondering was this: If an escaped criminal were to die, would the family be able to give him or her a regular funeral?

Thank you everyone for your comments!
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Ancient Greeks meeting Ancient Egyptians?

Since the story I'm working on is based purely on mythology (currently Theseus if that will help) I have no idea how to go about researching this question. I've done a bit (I searched for "Ancient Egyptians meeting Ancient Greeks" for instance, but I got a lot of results involving Alexandria.) The one site I did find that seemed like it might have been helpful is gone now, and I wasn't sure how reliable the source was anyway.

Basically, would the Greeks in Theseus' time have ever known about the Egyptians? And if so, what sort of interactions would they likely have had?

ETA: Short answer: Yes, lots of trading. Thank you!
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jobs that require little/no personal information

in my story I've got a nineteen year old girl in present-day NYC who has run away from a bad situation at home (which is out of state, possibly out of country) who needs to make some cash.

1) the job can't require her to produce any identification or contact information, she is a missing person who doesn't want to be found.

2) she also doesn't use a bank account, and would need to be paid in cash.

3) she is trying to stay clean and crime-free as well, so no drug peddling or sex work unless its absolutely the only way.

my google searches have been turning up ID theft scams and jobs that don't require degrees. I've got some (kind of generic/typical) ideas myself, but I'd like to hear what everyone else comes up with as well. thanks!