June 3rd, 2007

nick cave

Symbolism of bird feathers

My google-fu has failed me on this one.

Basically, my MC needs a working knowledge of the symbolism of bird feathers. I've managed to turn up vague "birds of prey feathers are useful in defence spells"-style descriptions, but I'm looking for something a more specific description of the attributes associated with different species. It doesn't matter which species or which culture the symbol is used in - the story's removed enough from that that I can work with whatever information I can get.

Thanks in advance.
eh team

Names involving Hunger

Okay, so this is probably the weirdest question you'll ever be asked. Honestly.

My google-fu has failed me. Baby name sites have failed me. Religious leaders have failed me. El-Jay has failed me. Oh, wait, it failed everybody. Nevermind.

Anyway. My Question:

I'm looking for a name for a girl that either A) means hunger/starvation, or B) has some relation to hunger/starvation. Suggestions of names with religious/historical/mythological basis are desperately needed. Or, if you just happen to know a name that means hunger/starvation, that would also be absolutely killer!

Thank you so much! So many helpful answers in so little time!!! I love you guys!!!
  • eelpot

ID chips to control a country

Setting: futuristic setting with slightly better tecknology, dictatorship, European country.

Searches done:
I found these articles about RFID chips, as well as several articles about magnetic implants and rejection. (warning: bloody pictures of home surgery in the last three articles)

Problem 1 - implantation:
The chips will obviously be made to last a lifetime, and will be small enough to be implanted through a thick needle when the children are as young as three years old. Would it be plausible to make chips that small, but functional with modern technology? And how big does it have to be so it is guaranteed to stay in the hand, with only minor migration after implantation?

Problem 2 - removal:
In my story, two siblings try to run away from this dictatorship, and need to cut their chips out. The girl is easy, she is helped by people with hi-tech equipment and gets her chip removed easly. But when her brother escapes, there are only the two of them and limited equipment. How can she destroy or remove a small ID chip?

More backstory:
She has experience with medical treatment with limited equipment, and has cut people open before. But he will not be drugged down, and they don't have a local anaestetic to use on him. I'm thinking tying his hand down to keep it as still as possible, and also cutting off the blood flow for a short period of time to reduce bleeding while she cuts.

ETA: The reason the ID chip is implanted in the hand is to be able to simply put it on a reader to pass through gates/identify themselves when using computers/enter buildings/buy things. That would be harder with a wandering chip.